Hashtags on Google Plus too!

As pointed out by Chris Messina, the “inventor of Twitter hashtags” (rather, the one who pushed for their adoption on Twitter, which is no little feat), Google just rolled out hashtags autocompleting on Google Plus, thus giving their official support for hashtags there.

This is very good news, because hashtags are a really easy way to tell what your posts are about. And because hashtagify.me could add Google Plus hashtags data too in the future… would you like that?

6 Responses to “Hashtags on Google Plus too!”

  1. Daniele Mazzini

    G+ is competing with Facebook and Twitter, that’s a fact… but I don’t think that they introduced hashtags support because of that. A form of tagging for posts was badly needed, and, as people had already started using hashtags on their own – just like it happened on Twitter – I guess that Google just decided to go with the flow.


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