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Last time I interviewed Hashtagify Research Assistant, the man who isn’t intimidated by our 38 million hashtags and that will help you find and analyze new hashtags. Today’s interview is with our other new recruit Hashtagify Tutor, the girl who will help you actually use those hashtags, following a plan towards higher social media reach and success.

Hashtagify Tutor

Dan: Good morning Tutor. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Tutor: Good morning Dan! I’m a senior student at the Hashtagify University, I really love social media and I like to help other students when I have the time. So I’m known by everybody as The Tutor, and few believe me when I tell them that Tutor is actually my given name!
Wow, Tutor, have you sued your parents yet? Anyway, I know that you really love to help; that’s the main reason I decided to hire you. So, can you explain to our readers how exactly are you going to help them with their social media work?
As a tutor I noticed that the most difficult thing, for most social media practitioners who want to master the subject, is to stay motivated with their effort, and to be consistent with their messaging.
I also noticed that it really helps to have some kind of reference plan to follow, and somebody who keeps you inspired to follow it. And that’s where I come into play, at least for the part related to hashtags.
So, we’re talking about a plan related to hashtags? How would that work, and how can that help anybody to stay motivated and consistent?
Hashtags are useful to define an area of interest, and to reach the audience that is interested in that area. When you want to become an influencer in some field, it really helps to have a list of the most relevant hashtags in that field, and to use them consistently with your messages – which, obviously, need to be highly relevant and very interesting.
My role is to remind you when you have been neglecting a useful hashtag for some time, alert you when a new interesting hashtag is emerging, and to give you inspiration about what you could write or share.
Receiving inspiration is nice. But couldn’t you just write my tweets for me??
I could… but then you would never become a real influencer! You need to use your own judgement and personality even when just retweeting some good content. You absolutely need to add something personal to the social media conversation, otherwise people could think you’re just a bot. Who wants to engage with a bot?
Fair enough. Regarding inspiration, what’s your plan? How could you inspire me?
One of the best way to get inspired is to see great examples to follow. That’s why, when I will suggest you a hashtag you could use, I’ll also show you great relevant content that you can take inspiration from, or just retweet. Not just from Twitter, but also from Instagram – visuals can give even more inspiration.
I get it. Besides, it’s a good idea to retweet a lot – it shouldn’t be all about you. One last question: Do you think that you could also help expert hashtag users, or just beginners and intermediate?
I think that my tutoring will be most helpful to beginners and intermediates, but even the experts could use some inspiration from time to time. And for them, I can limit myself to sending a daily email with a quick reminder about the hashtags they haven’t used for some time, and, even more importantly, the new trending ones related to their field.
Well Tutor, thank you very much for your time, and see you next week on!
Thanks Dan, and see you!

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