6 Ways to Get Your Content Trending On Instagram

Guest Post by Elizabeth Mailey
Now a day’s business continues to working making their content trending and attractive so that more readers can read your content. There are different ways that business adapt to make their post to go viral, trendy, and highlighted on the bench of posts on different social media accounts. Now a day’s one of the most popular social media channels that focus all business, brands and even celebrities are Instagram. According to the analytics, the most trendy and strongest platform that is used in today’s in social media platform is Instagram.
Due to such reasons, everyone is want to get engage their users with the trendy post on Instagram. Attractive engagement brings more opportunities to increase visibility and with that visibility your post become the topmost mainly on Instagram. So in order to boost experience and engage customers, there are different tips that help you to make your post trendy and easily deliver your message to the large audience.

Pick the Right Hashtag

It is stated in the Sprout social that 7 out of 10 hashtags used on Instagram are exclusive. In today’s social media marketing hashtags are consider one of the most important elements that are largely used in almost all media platforms. Choosing the right hashtags for your Instagram posts is vital for your business in order to optimize the discovery of most trendy content.
Also do not directly added branded hashtags do some creativity and fun with your branded hashtags but at the same time assure that it must be linked with your brand story that you actually want to tell to the large audience. According to the Davis Alston “Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships”.

Generate Massive Engagement

In order to make your content or post trendy on Instagram likes and followers is not enough for engagement that you need to look for. But share, comments, add the call to action is another approach that makes your increase more engagement. According to t6o the analytics 70% of the Instagram post is even not seen but still, Instagram is considered one of the most engaging platforms on social media because it focuses on post saturation and content overload. It is also advised that more users on Instagram are active on weekdays rather than weekend according to the analytics so you need to be more selective related toward your post.

Utilize the 3×5 Hashtag Method

The 3×5 Hashtag Method is something new and unique method that help to boost engagement and become more focus and targeted with the chosen hashtags. So in order to make your content trendy on Instagram find out 3×5 Instagram Hashtag because it helps to enhance the level of engagement.  One thing to make sure the hashtags you are picking in this method must be relevant to your brand message that you want to tell to targeted audience and customers. In the 3×5 method be real, specific, and be intentional.
According to the Seth Godin “Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay”. When you are doing them you will get the infinite engagement on an Instagram post that you desire for. On your Instagram account, the top post will enhance by doing this. This will enhance brand visibility and make your content trendy and top post.
Instagram is an effective tool to target a large audience and widen your followers and customers circle. On Instagram, you have an opportunity to show your follower who and what you are, and your brand is. When your visibility and followers are increased this is also considerations that Instagram algorithm used while checking the trendy post on Instagram.

Create a call-to-action (CTA) in your caption

It is hard to predict that what Instagram algorithm favour more including likes and comments. Your business must require to generate hundreds of comments in order to make your content trendy on Instagram. Call to action motivates readers to keep engaging with your post, do more comments and spend more time on viewing your post. It means Instagram takes the call to action into considerations while selecting top post or trendy content on Instagram.
In order to create the call to action feature on Instagram, you required to do your followers to take action on something after reading your post. Like if your post is related to any product then you can ask them what they think about this new product as well as encourage them to tell their answers on comments box.

Don’t post more than 4-6 times daily

Some business thinks posting stories on Instagram on an hourly basis is the good practice but actually, it is not. It means on daily basis you post 24 stories on Instagram. It is important while you uploading the story on Instagram you do not upload more than 4 to 6 stories on daily basis. Because the longer your Instagram post the fewer followers will watch your whole stories. The Instagram algorithm take this fact into consideration and if it happens then your post will not become trendy.

Offer Free Advice or Information

Another trend that Instagram algorithm set is providing free advice and information to your Instagram followers. This way you can grain trust of your followers and increase engagement. Educating customers is one of the ways to build brand loyalty and when more followers read your post then your content will automatically become trendy due to more likes, shares, and comments. Offering useful information trendy facts turn your followers into paying customers.  If your brand is cosmetic product then you give information and advice related to the most trendy makeup techniques or tips on how to make your body fit natural tips and exercise.
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Elizabeth Freelance writes SEO content for companies that want to rank high on Google. Her work has been featured in many high authority sites like HubPages, and Forbes. She focuses on balancing SEO needs and knowledgably content and never forgets to entertain the audience with comical sections. She also behind edits academic assignment on Assignment Help for student online. She like travelling and spend time on social media.

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