9 Uses Of Hashtags To Drive The Growth And Success Of Your Business


If you hadn’t slept through the class while ancient history was being taught, then you don’t need any introduction to the Neanderthals, Mayans or Aztecs. Wondering why I am bringing them up here? Let’s get to that.

Our predecessors paved the way for a new wave in communication with the use of symbols. Today, the same spirit has culminated into the meteoric rise of the humble #.

This symbol is single-handedly ruling the domain of social media and holds immense power to steer your business in the right direction. Let’s check out some amazing ways in which hashtags can boost the growth of your business.

  1. Create a hashtag strategy depending on the social platform

You must be familiar with the dynamics of the social platform you’re using. Depending on the platform, you can develop a foolproof strategy for hashtag marketing. According to several studies for essay writer, tweets that carry hashtags enjoy double the engagement than those without.

Yet, those that include more than one hashtags have seen a significant drop in the engagement. In contrast, posting on Instagram with multiple hashtags generally have a higher interaction than those with fewer hashtags.

  1. Create hashtags that are attractive and authentic

The phrase you choose as a hashtag should be simple. Also, it shouldn’t be ambiguous, so you will attract nothing but those relevant to your campaign. A short and simple hashtag provides an easy way to understand the content of what the post is trying to convey. Many marketers often make the mistake of selecting long hashtags, which only makes it harder for the audience to understand.

For example, #Cannotkeepcalmitstheholidayseason. This hashtag is anything but decipherable. A shorter version of the hashtag like #Holidaycheers can be used to capture the attention of the consumers.

  1. Determine the marketing strategy for hashtags

Ideally speaking, there are three types of marketing strategies for hashtags. Those include,

  • Trending hashtags
  • Brand and campaign specific
  • Content hashtags

Brand and campaign hashtags are particular types of phrases that people create for their own business. They are leveraged to market the products and services or to promote a specific brand that your business deals with. You should make a brand hashtag that is unique and consistent with your business.

Trending hashtags comprise of topics that have become popular. When you notice a trend connected with your business, you should engage in it by using the hashtag on a post. Using trending hashtags gets your message seen by a large number of audiences.

Content hashtags are the ones you use in the posts.

  1. Choose a handful of hashtags

It can get extremely irritating when you read a post with an abundance of hashtags. That’s why there’s a need for a clear hashtag strategy that matches the particular social platform. In Twitter, do not use more than one or two hashtags. On Instagram, you have free reins and can fit in at least 8 hashtags with ease.

A couple of powerful and pertinent hashtags are more than enough to reach out to your target population. It doesn’t weigh down your post and helps you to garner new followers.

  1. Timing is everything

It will be pointless to include an outdated hashtag or one that describes an event that has already taken place. You must think about the appropriate time to use specific hashtags, mostly based on the current trends. For instance, you can’t use the hashtag #Stpatricksday when it’s time for Thanksgiving, because that would make no sense.

You would find that the most effective hashtag campaigns are carried out after a month of planning.

  1. Focus on the current issues

If you understand what your consumers are upbeat about, it’s a piece of cake for you to come up with an appropriate hashtag for your business. This is specifically crucial for businesses eyeing an opportunity to execute a new business idea or looking for ways to market a new product.

In fact, bloggers can also pay attention to the heated issues and address those issues using the relevant hashtag.

  1. Leverage Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a good way of using your hashtags to spark conversations between consumers. This can eventually lead the consumers to be curious about your brand. For instance, if you’re in the Edtech industry, you could initiate a chat on the educational reforms using the hashtag #assignmenthelp.

You can either opt for generic hashtags for Twitter chats, or you can even include your brand in the chat’s hashtag. These initiatives assist in initiating a meaningful conversation with your followers.

To get reactions to your discussion, put forward pertinent questions about your chosen topic and let your followers know the time when you will conduct the chat.

  1. Promote giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests enhance consumer engagement like nothing else. Such techniques are foolproof because the charm of discounts and freebies are inescapable.

While initiating a giveaway, it’s better to carry out several smaller ones than conducting a massive one. It will definitely assist you to create momentum on social media. Contests also lead to a bunch of user-generated content proofread my essay with your hashtags in it. You can use the same to suit your business’s advantage.

For example, some years ago Lay’s carried out a campaign #DoUsAFlavor asking the consumers to suggest a distinctive flavour. This initiative taken by the company spread like wildfire, owing to all the user-generated content using the hashtag given above.

You can also come up with separate hashtags to promote different offers, competitions, and giveaways to drive new customers your way, while spreading awareness about your business.

  1. Monitor the reach of your hashtag campaigns

As you device concrete strategies for your hashtag campaigns, how you measure your outcomes will determine the success of your marketing efforts. To decipher the impact of your hashtag campaigns on your followers and current business pages on social media, you need to consider the following aspects.

  • Mentions:You need to keep an eye on the number of mentions that each of your posts is receiving. This is a parameter to judge whether your audience finds the hashtags to be appealing enough.
  • Views: Check your views before and after launching a hashtag campaign to determine if you achieved your goal of reaching out to more people. Also, compare paid vs organic views for posts with hashtags. Organic views will show if your brand is making a splash among the consumers.
  • Followers:Ideally, there should be a visible surge in the number of your follower after a successful hashtag campaign. If the numbers don’t increase, you need to review your strategy.


Evidently, hashtags can help you boost your business in several different ways. Now, take a cue and use this powerhouse of a symbol to propel your business into the direction of assured growth and prosperity.

Author Bio: Kefaya Hassan is a school teacher by profession, but she is also part time essay writing at Allessaywriter.com. Kefaya has a PhD in Sociology and loves to spend time with her pet.

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