The Use of Hashtags In The Recruitment Process Of 2019

Popular social media websites are buzzing with skilled and motivated individuals who may fit the bill for an open job position. The undeniable influence of social media has given rise to some unique methods for the recruiters to reach out to the right candidates. Selective use of hashtags can add to the efficiency of the recruiters and help them pick the perfect candidates.

Let’s discuss everything that a recruiter needs to learn about hashtags to attract and hire the most qualified and competent individuals in 2019.


The influence of hashtags on the process of recruitment

Hashtags are no longer restricted to being a millennial’s favorite, and the domain of human resources isn’t untouched by its influence.

This means, whether you love them or hate them, they are an important part of the social recruitment strategy. It helps in extending the reach of your job posting or targeting a particular market. Incorporating appropriate social recruiting hashtags along with job description can help the recruiters to access the jobseekers and select suitable candidates.

For instance, you can be looking for proficient candidates who can provide assignment help to students. Using relevant Hashtags can get you closer to those willing to work for your organization.

Hashtags will allow you to check the quality and quantity of the talent pool, and help in getting the word spread more quickly about the open positions. Fortunately, there are a number of rules, which if followed properly makes using hashtags a lot convenient. With the proper use of this magic symbol, you’ll definitely witness favorable results.

Knowing your way around the trending Hashtags

The ideal way to do this is by determining what’s working within the specific niche you’re recruiting for. Now, the normal thing to do is to post a job with the Hashtag #recruitment, but you need to be more specific.

Conduct adequate research and learn about the hashtags that are already trending, so that you can leverage it for recruitment purposes. Using these trending Hashtags will enable you to reach thousands of people in a jiffy.

Now, if you are confused which Hashtags would be appropriate for your job posting, then you can utilize various tools and resources. is one such tool that lets you enter a particular keyword and discover the ten most used words associated with the term.

By utilizing the resources like this one, you can stay on top of the trends that are worth targeting. This is also essential for an organization aiming to produce content that draws in a relevant set of audience (in this case, the right candidates).

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Tips and tricks to recruit with hashtags in 2019

If you are yet to make the most of hashtags, given below are a few effective tips to help you with the process of recruitment in 2019:

  1. Minimal use of Hashtags

If you’re using Twitter as part of your recruitment strategy, you need to minimize the usage of hashtags. Since Twitter still follows a character limit, there’s no point in stuffing the Hashtags unnecessarily. That way, you could be promoting some spammy content, which can hamper the process of recruiting.

  1. Utilizing the relevant Hashtags

You need to do a little homework before you can successfully leverage the Hashtags while looking for the right candidates. Hence, it is vital that you use the proper tags that are meaningful and serves the prospects.

  1. Check before adding the Hashtags

Before you use a new Hashtag, you must ensure that it is identifiable. It’s always better to have shorter tags, as the characters in Twitter are limited.

  1. Make sure to send out regular tweets

As tweets last for less time, it’s always ideal to keep them coming at regular intervals, so that it can reach out to the right audience.

  1. Be involved in the process

As a recruiter, you should hire talented individuals. You need to engage in chats, or post contents associated with the industry and make use of the direct messages.

This will allow the prospective candidates to take you seriously and motivate them to join your company.

Benefits of using Hashtags while recruiting

Facebook or Twitter posts on recruitment are generally displayed directly to the followers, and anyone who’s looking for the job information has to visit the profile page of the specific organization. Hashtags offer an advantage because they help the candidates to derive the information when they search for the tag. Let’s elaborate further on the benefits of Hashtags.

  • Social media followers are already acquainted with the organization that you are recruiting for. The loyal followers are always more likely to assume the role of loyal employees.
  • Hashtags used in social media posts spread the word about an open position more quickly than posting on job sites or even posting elaborate job description minus the hashtags in social media.
  • The details associated with the way the candidates communicate with the organization through social media can be utilized to gauge their compatibility with the business.
  • The followers might know friends or acquaintances who can be eligible for the advertised position. They can retweet or share a post in order to spread the word about a job opening. Rather than having to advertise on job sites, organizations can reach out to a wider audience this way. This means, the recruiters won’t have to put in too much effort by adopting conventional recruiting methods.
  • Social media recruiting allows the company to use the new-improved techniques for filling out open positions. This can boost the overall brand image of the organization.

Hashtags and the importance of promoting your brand

Organizations that are actively producing and disseminating employer brand content on social media can expect the ROI to shoot up in 2019. All they need to do is unleash the power of Hashtags, and their content will get more views.

If you are among those employers who have failed to implement the latest recruiting techniques to promote the brand on social media, it’s not too late. However, they have to maintain a content calendar and keep up with the daily postings with Hashtags to compete.

In order to make sure that the employer brand content reaches out to the masses, Hashtags will be something all recruiting teams will start favoring in 2019.

In conclusion

Sharing valuable information is a vital factor while recruiting suitable candidates for your company. That’s where the appropriate use of Hashtags comes in.

Quite similar to the marketers, recruiters too can make optimum use of the hashtags with the objective of hiring driven and talented individuals.

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