How to Boost Your Brand Advocacy Using Social Media Marketing

If you think about boosting your brand or product, the first thing coming to your mind is people awareness. The best way to get people aware of your brand is social media, a modernized form of word of mouth publicity. People use social media daily and every day they spend more time on them.

If you are pursuing advocacy programs, you need effective strategies to increase customers’ loyalty, by creating stickiness to the brand. Here is a quick tour that will help you to boost your brand advocacy through social media.

1.Show your brand’s face

On social media you need to be authentic to catch your audience attention. Share your staff pictures, make your activities public and show their “behind-the-scene”. This will improve the overall trust factor, making people feel more connected to your brand. It’s better to highlight the values, personality and culture of the brand with the right set of communication in order to develop trust.

2.Feedback is necessary

As per the previous point, you need to be very careful about what people think of you. This means you need to talk with your customers to get feedback on their experiences and better understand how they feel about your brand.

By sharing review on your social media, will definitely enhance the trust level of other customers. This is essential not only to retain old customers, but also to establish new customers and relationships.

3.The great multiple channel process

Your brand must analyze and select the best channels for your audience. It’s important to carefully evaluate which tools are proper resources to create strong relationships, share your values and give customers support.

4.Treat everyone especially

You are chasing some growth so you must be very careful about not leaving anyone behind. Don’t just concentrate on acquiring the new customers, the old ones are utmost important and you need to understand that. A great approach is to connect with the customers on an individual basis. If you have created a successful trust bond and relationship virtually through social media, you are expected to go along way.

5.You are not here just to sell

This is really a very crucial point to make remember as you are using social media for your business and you know this. But don’t let anyone think about this only. If you are constantly posting on the platforms about your product and its sales, the people may irritate. You must try to mix the content with some knowledge basis.

6.Employee advocacy programs are essential

Employees are the living assets of any company. Therefore, if you are taking the employee advocacy program, this will highly increase your social media presence. Employees are indeed the best advocates of the company on whom the other believes too.

7.You should monitor the social media ecosystem

Social media can be very useful to monitor customers’ satisfaction. When customers tag brand in between their conversation, you can monitor the keywords on the vast space where you can identify and see the real brand allocations. Using social media you can also keep track of the sentiment around your brand and plan your next activities at the best.

8.Use social media as a tool of research

There was a time when social media came into existence, and it was widely useful for conversations. Those were highly recommendable as the communication medium only. Gradually, the technology starts thriving in each and every aspect and everything starts changing its definition and so as the social media. These platforms are providing businesses with great growth. You need to perform the great researches for your brand advocacy in an amazing way.

There are a large amount of data and content that are flowing on social media platforms which in turn creates and converts high opportunity and buzz. By researching over these, you can highlight the problems and opportunities. You can work on improving the satisfaction levels of the population. Social media covers the business by searching for content sharing to reputation management. This is not only limited with the internal ones but also the external sources will also be included here.

Author Bio:

Manish Kumar works as a content marketing head at a leading SMO company – Tangensys. He has been working in this field for some time now and knows how to balance creativity and technical side of content. He loves making new content marketing strategies for his customers.


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