Most Popular Instagram Hashtags Of 2018


Instagram is a popular social media platform that has millions of users. According to Statista, Instagram has more than 1000 million active users, while the daily active users of Instagram are more than 400 million.

Apart from its use by common people for photo and video sharing with their friends and family, the platform is used by a large numbers of businesses to promote their brand. Digital marketers use Instagram to pitch their brand to online audience and generate leads.

A report by Social Media Examiner shares the information that more than 90% of businesses tap into the resources of Instagram to increase the exposure of their business.

These businesses share appealing photos and interesting videos of their products and services in order to catch the attention of the audience. Moreover, they also use relevant and trendy hashtags so that their posts can reach to more and more people.

Why Instagram Hashtags?

In order to reach maximum people, brands use popular and trendy Instagram hashtags that are trending in a particular region. For instance, if you run an academic writing firm like 6 Pound Essay and offers academic writing services, you can use hashtags relevant to that specific industry.

As a business, you need to use the most relevant hashtags. You can also follow Instagram hashtag tips before using in your posts.

Why Common People Use Hashtags?

Common people use hashtags just to publicize their photos, videos, or even thoughts. People also use trendy topics in their hashtags so that they can easily be seen by the public. The main motive of hashtags is to get more mentions, likes, and comments.

From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to YouTube, people use the social media platform and share their views with hashtags in them.

Benefits of Hashtags

There are plenty of benefits of using hashtags that include:

·      Relevant People Can Find You

If you use industry-specific hashtags, there are more chances that some relevant people can find you through them. People with similar interests can also contact you by seeing your posts through the hashtags.

·      You Can Build a Community

Specific tagging will also help you build a community of relevant people. Moreover, a community of people who have the same interest or area of work can be useful for all those related to that particular interest.

·      You Can Promote Your Business

You can make the most of business-specific hashtags to promote your business to a larger audience on Instagram. Driving awareness of your business to those who use Instagram can potentially provide you with good sales.

·      You Can Increase Your Outreach

When your post will be visible to the people who have a shared interest, it will surely increase relevant and useful reach to your business. Remember, if you are getting 10,000 irrelevant visitors on your platform, they can’t complete the value of 1000 relevant reach.

2018’s Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

Like the previous one, 2018 was also the year in which people extensively shared their photos and videos on Instagram. They also used some general hashtags that happen to be not specific to any industry, business, or group of people.

The top generic hashtags of 2018 are:

·      Sports

Sporting is a hobby and business too. There are thousands of people across the world who relate to sporting industry. They play sports or sell sports gear.

Apart from people related to this industry, there are also millions of fans also who remain connected with their favorite sports player through Instagram. The most famous sports-related hashtag used on Instagram in the 2018 include:

#russia2018 , #football, #PL #IPL, #baseball, #worldcup, #soccerball, #fifa18, #basket, #tennis, and plenty others.

·      Food and Drink

Social media is the favorite place for all types of industries. The industry of food and drinks is also making the most of millions of active users on Instagram.

They share photos and videos of their dishes and drinks and allure people towards them. There are plenty of Instagram hashtags of this particular industry that got trendy in 2018. Some of the top ones include:

#food #drinks #foodforlove #foodislove #dinner #foodpics #cocktail #delicious #beers #eating #thirsty #drinkup #tasty, and many more.

·      Fashion

Fashion is one of the top industries that are leading businesses on social media from the front. Both men and women across the world keep their keen interest in the fashion industry. Moreover, they always wait for new arrivals by their favorite designers or brands.

There are hundreds of fashion designers, clothing experts, online stores, fashion bloggers, and other people who daily share something related to fashion on Instagram. Further, they also make full use of relevant hashtags so that their posts may reach to maximum people.

Common people who have their interest in fashion also use fashion hashtags on Instagram. Just as previous years, 2018 was also the year when fashion led many industries from the top. The most-used fashion hashtags on Instagram in 2018 include:

#menswear #womenswear #fashion #fashionista #style #styeblogger #streetwear #outfitoftheday #fashionblogger #fashionable #pretty #handsome, and many others.

·      Photography

Since Instagram is the platform basically for photo and video sharing, the photography industry also makes full use of it. Professional photographers, wildlife photographers, travelers, tourists, and other enthusiasts daily share their picture on Instagram.

Photographers who are professional also share their works in order to attract more clients. Some of the most popular Instagram photography hashtags in 2018 include:

#instafocus #memories #moments #beautiful #focus #snapshot #selfie #pictureoftheday #discoverearth #wildlife #streephotography #travelblogs #tourism, and plenty others.

Instagram hashtags are one of the most effective techniques that marketers use to increase the visibility of their brand on social media. If you also run a brand, you should carefully search Instagram hashtags and use them strategically in the social media marketing of your business.

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