6 Things You Must Know About Posting on Social Media During Weekends

How are you dealing with weekends?

As a marketer, entrepreneur, or social media manager, you’re responsible for managing and performing effective campaigns 24/7.

“While most companies keep their marketing approach general, there are many others who are specifically improving their weekend campaigns, in order to maximize the impact of their promotion and the quality of their results during Saturdays and Sundays.” – Social Media Manager at CareersBooster.

There are many articles who debate the perfect moment to post content during the weekend many different opinions. Nevertheless, your social media strategy during weekends should be a bit different than what happens during the weekdays.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 6 things you need to know about posting on social media during weekends.

The Benefits of Posting During Weekends

Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. After a full week, your customers will need the weekend to rest. On weekends, people have free time, and they’re often spending it on social media networks.

Posting new content and ads while your audience is active and present is highly beneficial because it allows people to digest your information and message without being stressed by a boss, by deadlines, or by responsibilities.

Generally, the weekend makes people feel good. They’re more relaxed, more open to opportunities, more adventurous, and more engaging.

Overall, the weekend time is probably the best time to improve your relationship with your followers, subscribers, and existing customers. Now here’s what you need to know about posting on social media during weekends:

1.    Your Weekend Audience Might be Totally Different from Your Week Audience

Think about it. During the weekdays, your audience might be different than the one on weekends. People who check your website while they’re at work are probably doing something different during weekends, and the other way around.

You can take advantage of this realization by diversifying your content according to your audience’s responses. You will see that during weekends, the engagement on your posts will be different. This is the perfect time to ask your followers’ diversified questions and tempt them to engage with you.

Nevertheless, people who don’t usually notice your content during weekdays might be more interested in it during weekends.

2.    The Consumer Behavior is Different on Weekends

Weekends make people consume not only more content, but also more products. Indeed, the consumer’s behavior and mindset are different during the “free days”, and you can take advantage of that.

As you can notice in this graph, people tend to buy more stuff on Friday, Saturday, and especially on Sunday. There are more reasons for that:

  • People have time to seek new products/services
  • They are more open-minded to change
  • Many shopping habits are performed during the weekend

Nevertheless, the products bought during the weekend are also different from the ones that are purchased during the week. People tend to look for commodity items during the weekends, while they’re ensuring that the necessary items are always present during the week.

3.    Weekends Are Supposed to Be Fun and Relaxing

Weekends are supposed to be relaxing, if not fun and motivating. A person who works full-time during the weekdays feels the need for a recharge.

You can contribute and help him satisfy this need by sharing fun and inspiring content. You can work on your target audience’s motivation, happiness, and faith.

On weekends, you can post content that highlights your brand’s personality, culture, and values, and aim to build a special rapport with your customers. During weekends, they are more open to that!

4.    If You Don’t Post, You’re Missing Out Important Traffic

By neglecting weekends, you’re losing traffic. It’s as simple as that. Social media sharing is about gaining visibility, and if you don’t do it at all, you can’t win anything.

A study from Sproutsocial suggests that Facebook tends to have a low engagement during weekends, while on Twitter things look very different. Additionally, Facebook users prefer health topics on weekends, while Instagram users love “hot topics”. For more info, you should check the comprehensive post.

You may also track the most popular topics via hashtags or even create your own to emphasize the personality of your brand, company or product. It’s a good chance to create an interest or an effective marketing campaign before release.

You may also use some tools to get the report regarding suggested hashtags, such as Hashtagify

A good reason for not posting on weekends is the lack of time or personnel. In this case, I’d highly suggest you outsource professional writing services from platforms like Upwork or EssayShark.

5.    Use Weekends to Personally Connect with Your Audience

As I’ve mentioned before, weekends are the best time to connect with your audience. There are many ways to display your brand’s personality and develop a rapport with your fans. Here are some of the strategies I find very useful when it comes to engaging with your weekend audience:

  • Share educational, inspiring, and motivational content and ask people to comment
  • Ask questions, start discussing controversial topics, and engage with your followers through comments
  • Promote a contest, giveaway, or discount opportunity. Ask people to like, comment, tag, and/or share your social media page or post to sign-up.
  • Encourage user-generated content. For example, ask your customers to take a picture while wearing or using your product. The best photos receive a prize.

6.    Motivate and Inspire Your Audience with Videos, Quotes, and Thoughts

You should diversify the type of content based on the direct and indirect feedback you have received from your social audience. Some target audiences prefer video content, while others prefer text or audio.

On weekends, people like to read, watch videos, listen to music, audiobooks, and so on. Your job is to find out what does your audience prefer the most and give it to them. Test, measure, and optimize your social posting habits according to the engagement you get.

If you notice that videos perform the best, start posting 80% videos and 20% another type of content during the weekend days. If this strategy keeps bringing powerful positive effects, you should stick to it until the trends or until your audience changes its direction and habits.


Social media marketing is a complicated yet interactive game. Everyone plays it differently, and that’s why it’s so fun. Your social media marketing campaign is heavily influencing your business performance. For that simple reason, your weekend strategy can significantly improve your traffic and business revenues overall.

Take our tips and tricks into consideration and make sure you apply them. Test various strategies during different weekends and check the analysis results. You should always measure, track, and optimize your social campaigns, and you can do that easily by leveraging different social media automation tools.

Author Bio:

Alexandra Reay is one from xpertwriters.com team. She is fond of horse-riding, reading and rock music. Alexandra keeps her spirit in writing fluent articles as well. Meet her at  Twitter.


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