Setting up a Twitter Marketing Strategy for Better Conversion this 2019

Social media is one of today’s most tapped marketing platforms. And among the social media sites, one of the top performers for marketing is Twitter.

In order for you to be able to get the maximum results out of your Twitter marketing initiative, you will need to come up with a strategy that is targeted to unlocking better conversion.

To help you achieve that, here are five effective tips that can definitely boost your Twitter marketing strategy:

1.  Follow the discussion on Twitter and participate actively

With Twitter being a heaven for discussions of all sorts, you can find an advantage by being in the know of the hot topics out there. This is a way for you to gather intelligence which can help you come up with marketing strategies that are in-line with trending ideas.

One of the ways for you to effectively capture hot topics on Twitter is using tools such as Hashtagify. It’s a tool that allows you to monitor your Twitter account but also features the ability to track trending hashtags. By doing so, you would have a clearer idea of which topics are trending, helping you to build campaigns and strategies around them.

This way, you can amplify your campaigns and get better results. Keep in mind that the positive effect of using trending topics is limited albeit to the period of time when the said topic is still hot. Anyway, by keeping yourself abreast with trending topics, you will always be aware of what to do so can always tweak your campaigns.

2.  Go live with live video tweets

One of the relatively newer features of Twitter is live video tweets. Using it can help boost your Twitter marketing campaign. Videos are known as an effective marketing format because they are highly-engaging. On top of that videos help in brand recall, because they leave a mark in the minds of your audience. The same is for live videos.

There’s something about doing a live broadcast that can help your Twitter marketing campaign even better. A live video can be highly interactive with your audience. It can also help make your brand more human as live videos are more real and more natural.

You can also come up with a lot of campaigns using live videos such as interviews, behind the scenes or a live feed of an event. These kind of videos can help you in achieving your Twitter marketing goals, including your conversion objectives.

3.  Thread tweets together

Sometimes, one tweet is not enough. Twitter allows you to come up with a series of interconnected tweets in a thread. Using threads, you are able to work around the character limit per tweet, allowing you to come up with long conversations which are especially helpful if you are sharing a rather lengthy story.

Threads are also quite interactive as people want to know more about a story and they also like to share it. The challenge is coming up with threads that can really get your audience going for it. You should craft it in a way that makes them want to follow it until the end. Of course, your thread should be purposeful so take your time in coming up with a unique idea that can make a great thread that can help you out in boosting your conversion.

4.  Mark key events for each month

Content is vital in whatever marketing platform you are thinking about. It is therefore essential to ensure that you are able to regularly publish quality content through your channels. Twitter is no exception.

To make sure that you are on track with your Twitter content publication, you should use a calendar to list down what to post and when to post. A calendar is also a good tool to stay updated on social holidays that can be used for your next content.

5.  Harness the Positive Power – Tweet for a Cause

Finally, you may also be able to realize great benefits from joining in on social issues. This includes voicing out your stance on global warming, or animal cruelty – basically showing the world that you, as a business, care.

Twitter is a strong platform and businesses, especially those that have a huge following, can really do their part in spreading awareness of these issues, and helping shape the mind of those who don’t fully understand such issues.

At the same time, people create stronger and emotional links with brands that share the same values. Of course, you won’t always be at the same line of thought with everyone all the time, but in areas such as the environment and its inhabitants, there are some clear truths that any decent individual or organization should know.

Just back away from very sensitive topics such as politics and religion. Be an advocate of diversity, equality, and inclusivity and you shall also gain more and more loyal followers who would love to do business with similar-minded organizations.

Wrapping it up

Twitter marketing can indeed be a great way to do marketing nowadays. But it takes a great strategy to be able to make the most out of Twitter. The above tips are some of the proven and tested ways to boost conversion through Twitter. By applying them in your strategy, you are more likely to achieve great returns from all the effort you would put into your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Twitter is effective if and only if you are strategic with your campaigns. Build strong Twitter marketing campaigns with the above tips today.

About the Author

Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a Twitter Marketing Agency in NYC.

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