Twitter Hashtag Strategy for a Photographer

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Social media no doubt has made our lives easier. Whether one wants to promote their business or simply put forward their talents, social media platforms can help them reach heights. Photography is a similar talent/ business that has emerged nowadays through social media. You might have seen beautiful pictures pouring out of social media profiles, telling stories, moving people, and making an impact in their own ways.

If you are a photographer aspiring to astonish people with your amazing photography skills, Twitter is waiting for you!  Yes! You read it right. Twitter can build your brand name. It is a social networking platform over which the users can communicate via a 280-character message or Tweet. The Twitter hashtags can be the driving force of your success.

Why only Twitter?

You might be thinking about why we are talking about only twitter. Why not Facebook or Instagram for your photography business? Do you know Twitter has nearly 321 million monthly active users? With such immense popularity, Twitter can definitely be a turning point in your career. An eye-catching tweet with an interesting photograph can make a huge impact on Twitteratis. The algorithms on Facebook do not give much exposure to non-paid posts. This is unlike Twitter that provides your tweet update to all your followers who are online at the moment. This means your posts can be viewed by thousands and millions of people altogether.

Twitter has people from every walk of life. There are journalists, celebrities, writers, sportspersons, teachers, bloggers and a number of professionals. Hence you can find different types of audience to promote your content to. Last, but not least, Twitter photography hashtags are extremely popular. The simplest hashtag #photography has 15 million views per hour on an average on Twitter. Isn’t this an asset for your photography talent?

Formulating your Twitter Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags can be your saviour on Twitter. If you do not know what a hashtag is, it is like a keyword written in a format like ‘#keyword’. It allows the people on Twitter to search for relevant terms. So, the right hashtag with the right photograph can make you a success. Here are a few tips that will help you formulate a winning hashtag strategy.

  1. Popular hashtags for Photography

First and foremost, if you are just beginning with Twitter you must search for the most popular hashtags that photographers actually use. In every post, you should ensure that there are 3 or 4 hashtags that are related to your niche – photography. Some of the common yet popular photography hashtags are #photography, #photo, #art, #wildlife, #travel, #landscape.

  1. What’s Trending?

Besides knowing what’s popular in your niche you must keep a check on what’s popular on Twitter. Include that in your hashtag list to reach a wider audience. Do not forget to put up a photograph that is related to the trending theme. But wait! How are you going to decide what is trending on twitter? Well, you can check what other people are posting. Do not get into controversies, play safe. Remember bad publicity is just a matter of time good publicity remains forever.

  1. Easy-to-remember Hashtags

Build your hashtags wisely. Do not leave any scope of typographical errors. Otherwise, your hashtag will be lost in the crowd. If your hashtag is easy to remember and spell people will readily use it. For instance, #Blackandwhitephotography is a simple yet effective hashtag that can be used by many people.

  1. Be Real

One thing to ensure while creating a unique hashtag of your own is that it should be realistic. If it doesn’t naturally fit into other people’s posts or tweets, they would not use it. As a result, your brand will never gain popularity this way.

  1. Why should I use your hashtag?

Retweets reflect your recognition. It shows that people are getting influenced by your posts and your content is being appreciated. In fact, you can also retweet other people’s tweets to get them to notice you. But why should someone retweet your post? You must give them a good reason. It could be a giveaway price or a competition that would encourage your audience to use your hashtag.

  1. Make your Hashtags Visible

Want your hashtags to be popular? Influencer marketing can help you here! Influencers are playing a major role in every decision that people make through social media. It could be buying a new refrigerator, TV, mobile, makeup or shoes. These influencers provide us with a validation that a particular product or service is reliable. In a similar way, you can approach to influencers on Twitter who can help you gain exposure and make your hashtag visible on Twitter.

  1. How to Use your Hashtag

Are you clearly communicating the meaning of your hashtag? For instance, if you are using #MondayMotivation then you should ensure that the photograph that you are posting along and the caption that you provide, both are resonating with the hashtag. To get a clear picture look at what other photographers are posting and see whether their hashtags are communicating the same message as their photographs. This will help you create your hashtags in a better way.

  1. Why all CAPS?

The way you write your hashtag also matters a lot. Many times people write everything in CAPITALS. Unless you are mentioning an acronym, there is no point of writing a hashtag like this. It makes it lose its meaning. You can use Camel Case if you want to segregate two different words. For instance, #Blackandwhitephotography or #BLACKANDWHITEPHOTOGRAPHY, which one is better?

  1. Overflow Alert!

280 characters seem less but one can write a number of hashtags in this count. Don’t you think putting up too many hashtags will confuse your audience? Marketers always recommend brands to use one or two main hashtags and keep their tweets simple.

Right hashtags give you the right exposure to meet the right audience. All it takes is a little research and tactics and you can do wonders on Twitter. Be present on Twitter, be thoughtful on twitter. Follow people that belong to your niche, engage with your audience, choose the right hashtags and see yourself rising in this era of digital photographers.

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