How to Boost Website Traffic Through Social Media

An important reason as to why you should make use of social media marketing is for increasing the traffic on your business website. This is something that is not theoretical, but if you are capable of using it correctly, you can be assured that social media is going to become the greatest source of traffic, which can help in establishing a blog or online business in a successful manner. When you are talking about more ways of obtaining traffic, you should always have real examples in front of you so that you understand which methods work in the best manner and which do not. According to some researches, the total number of social media users all over the world is 3.4 billion.

When you are running social media campaigns and your main intention is driving more traffic, it is your responsibility to know about all the steps, which are going to make the entire campaign more effective. Given below is a list of the tips that you should definitely follow.

Do not forget to add the URL of your website to the social media profiles

Ensure that you are including the URL to your business website on each and every social media profile that you have. It is true that this is going to sound extremely obvious but you need to know that in certain cases, this is completely ignored. When you add the link to your website, it helps in boosting the SEO and is also responsible for bringing in more traffic to the website.

Utilizing advertising on social media

There is no denying the fact that the total number of pages on social media along with the number of people using social media is increasing regularly. This is something that is extremely good because you are going to have a number of potential users, who will be interested in viewing all the postings. However, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to ensure that all the posts are seen by the followers. Active users of social media are responsible for following a number of pages and numerous people but unfortunately, the timeline is going to show only a certain number of posts.

It is difficult to gain organic visibility and with time, it is becoming more and more difficult. Facebook is responsible for changing its algorithm numerous times and the best way of showing that your followers are getting your message is by utilizing Facebook advertising. This is similar in the case of LinkedIn and Twitter as well. You have the option of using LinkedIn advertisements and promoted Tweets for connecting with the followers.

You need to ensure that the users can share the content easily

When the visitors are reading something that has been published on your website, which they love, they are going to share it with all their friends or even social media followers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that people do not have any problem in sharing your posts and you should have configured buttons for every social media platform embedded within your blog post or present on your website.

One common mistake, which most people are responsible for committing is adding the buttons but not tracking whether the content is being shared in a proper manner. When you are clicking to share a particular post, the title, description, as well as the image, needs to be formatted in a proper manner, because you need to understand that the users are not going to spend their time for fixing things before they are clicking on the share buttons.

Do not forget to use images with the posts

Videos, images, and various other visual things like illustrations and infographics are considered to be more shareable than the other kinds of content. This means that you have to ensure that you are posting images within the content and also when you are posting on the social media pages, you cannot forget to include these images there as well. All the networks are responsible for allowing you to add the images to the updates, and hence it is your responsibility to use it for your advantage.

Add links to the postings on social media

Apart from adding links to the bio section of every social media account that you have, it is also crucial that you add links to the postings on social media. An ideal posting is going to have a unique title, smart description, a relevant image, and also the link to the main source. This is what is going to help in making your content stand out from the rest of your competitors, thereby allowing you to stay one step ahead.

Posting regularly

Posting regularly definitely does not mean spamming the followers but regular updates are responsible for helping you to get more traffic and exposure. Given below are the recommended postings for every social media network.

  • Five postings for Pinterest.
  • Three postings for Twitter.
  • 2 postings for Facebook.
  • 2 postings for Instagram.
Ensure that you are not over promoting the company or the products

Whenever you are posting on the business pages, it is crucial that you do not keep talking about the services and products that your business is offering. Your followers are going to get bored. It is your responsibility to ensure that each and every post is not only interesting but extremely useful for all your users.

Using Social Media Hashtags

Hashtags are used for generating more exposure to the postings on social media. It’s crucial that you have proper knowledge about the ideal practice, which is associated with using hashtags and it is also your responsibility to use them in the best possible manner. The hashtag is the manner of adding metadata to the content that you are publishing on your social media site so that people who are looking for the kinds of services or products that your business is offering can find you easily. In short, hashtags are responsible for making your business discoverable.

Think of hashtags as social gatherings. You’ll have to research the trending hashtag before jumping in. Make things easier for yourself and choose the right hashtags from the get-go.

Start by searching for hashtags you think would be a good fit for your business.

You can also find hashtag ideas by researching your competitors on social media. In fact you can even find your competitors by searching popular hashtags in your niche! Another one of the benefits of social media hashtags for business owners is that you can read conversations your target audience is having.

This is otherwise known as social listening. Use this tactic to figure out their pain points. You can then create specific content, solutions or products to address their pain points/needs.

Creating your own branded hashtag with your business or product name can help you monitor your visibility on social media. But that’s not all that branded hashtags can do.


Marketing on social media can help in bringing traffic to the website in comparison to the other techniques of online marketing. Consider all the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can get the desired traffic on your business website.

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