How Social Media Can Move Your Business Forward: A Marketer’s Guide

Do you have your business on Social Media? If not, you are missing a massive share of your income which you could easily get from popular social networks. According to Statista, there are 2.77 Billion Social Media Users in the world as per the estimate of 2019. Moreover, this number would reach up to 3.02 Billion Users in 2021. So if you are not trying to reach those users, you are definitely missing a lot. However, it is never too late to do what you have never done before. A whole new world of billions of internet users is waiting for you to explore it.

The unchallengeable power of Social Media

With millions of websites, e-commerce stores, mobile apps and social networks, we are definitely living in the era of social media. More than two billion people communicate with each other through various networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and other networks.

People especially those who belong to the Age Groups i.e 18-24 and 25-34 are more active on social media. We see them updating their Facebook and Whatsapp status, uploading latest pictures on Instagram or sharing news, opinions or even jokes on Twitter. Without any doubt, Social Media has become the most integral part of their everyday life.

Effects Of Social Media On Brand Presence

According to SimilarWeb, Facebook ranked number 1 among social networks all across the world. Instagram, which is a photo & video sharing service, ranked number 2 and Twitter which allows 140 characters tweets stand for number 3 in ranking. Other popular and powerful networks are LinkedIn, Whatsapp and Youtube. All of these networks receive a massive number of users every day.

Potential customers spend most part of their day on different Social Networks which has made it the most effective platform to create brand awareness. There are estimated 60 million plus business pages on Facebook which means millions of users are reaching those brands every day. Having your brand’s presence on Social Network would definitely result into great return.

Effects of Social Media On Brand Loyalty

Customers come and go and that’s the rule of traditional marketing. You can’t stop clients or force them to come again if they don’t want. However, through Social Media you can create a loyal cliental base for your brands. Those who have used it for making a strong cliental have greater edge over those who haven’t.

Users from different age groups have diversity of interest in following different brands on Social Networks. Regardless of their age, their interest would enable you to keep them engaged through your pages and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Effects Of Social Media On Sales

According to Statista, the number of digital buyers in the year 2018 was 1.79 billion which increased in 2019 as 1.92 billion. It is expected that the number of digital buyers would reach up to 2.14 billion in the year 2021. So it shows that a huge number of users make online purchases and pay online bills and taxes. Countries like USA, UK, Germany, South Korea and others have the highest number of digital buyers.

One more interesting fact about digital buyers is that most users are aged 18-34 years. It simply means you will always find these two age groups more active on Social Media and thus they make more purchases.

Social Media For Business: A Marketer’s Guide

There are various marketing channels but nothing can be compared with Social Media when it comes to targeted audience, size of audience and lowest marketing cost. Remember that users visit their Aocial profiles every day and if your brand is there, they would definitely respond today or tomorrow. However, it is also important to understand that every network is not suitable for every type of business.

So before you take your business to a network, you must figure out if it is best for your type of business or not. Once you figure out, you can make your best efforts to grow your audience. To choose the most suitable channel according to your business needs, you should learn about the popular networks:

1: Facebook for Business

Facebook is undoubtedly the most effective tool for marketing your business on Social Media. In marketing, if you have the right toolkit, you can win customers. And this is what Facebook is making sure for you even if you don’t have enough marketing experience. Some important facts which you would definitely like to know before using Facebook are:

  • Regardless of local or global business scale, you can promote it on Facebook and reach big communities to fulfill their needs
  • With Facebook Messenger you can come in direct contact with 1.3 billion users which is surely a huge number
  • On the other hand, you can also leverage the amazing power of advertisement on Facebook through audience network
  • With Facebook IQ, you can easily get access to digital insights and other popular researches to understand your business needs

New marketers might find it a little difficult to use Facebook for promoting and marketing their businesses. However, once they find right tools, use correct strategies and target relevant audience, they can get their utmost business goals.

2: Instagram for Business

Instagram is the second most famous Social Network according to SimilarWeb. Therefore, every type of business can consider maximum utilization of this powerful network. Some of the most important facts about this channel are as follow:

  • Over 1 Billion accounts stay active every month
  • Plus 500 Million accounts stay active every day
  • More Than 500 Million Users take advantage of powerful Instagram Stories every single day
  • More than 80% users follow one or more business accounts on Instagram

If you have yet to use Instagram for your business, it should be the best time to join the network. Additionally, learn the most effective marketing strategy and take your business to 1 billion Instagram users.

3: Twitter for Business

Twitter is the place where millions of users come to know what’s actually happening all around the world. So when it comes to take your business to the height of internet marketing, Twitter comes as one the most effective marketing tool. Some most important facts about Twitter are as follow:

  • Everyday users send more than 500 million tweets
  • Besides, a massive number of users get access to trends, links, moments and articles
  • With Twitter Ads, you can spread your brands all across the internet and grow your customers

If you have a business, you would definitely like to create a strong presence of your business and brands on social networks. With the powerful features of Twitter, you can connect with most appropriate audience for your brands.

Why Use a Hashtag on Twitter?

Now Hashtag (#) has become a popular term on Social Media but this was not the case before 2007. Actually, it was first used by Chris Messina in 2007 and since then it has become a powerful marketing tool to increase your reach. Now the question is why one should use Hashtags? Well, there are various good reasons and some of them are:

  • To Increase Engagement: using hashtags in tweets usually increases reach, engagement and shares at the same time
  • To Build Brands: Marketers who understand the magic of Hashtags have been using it to build their brands on Twitter.
  • To Find Relevant Audience: One of the most important uses of Hashtags is to find most relevant audience for your business, brands and products.

Best Marketing Solutions For Small Businesses In 2019

There are millions of small businesses in the world and hundreds others are being launched every day. However, the biggest challenge that most of the small businesses face is ineffective marketing. Due to lower investment, they can’t invest sufficient money in promotional campaigns. Therefore, for all such businesses, social media networks can be the best marketing solution in 2019.

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