7 Hashtag Tips to Explode Your Engagement on Twitter

According to the latest data (March 2019), Twitter has 76.35 million monthly active users. That’s a lot. Still, this network doesn’t come close to Facebook (168.59 million) and Instagram (121.24 million) monthly active users.

Due to that fact, many marketers avoid that platform, thinking they should focus their entire resources to Facebook and Instagram. Is that the right thing to do?


Twitter has outstanding marketing potential. With the use of hashtags, you can make your content easily detectable. A proper Twitter hashtagging campaign will get you connected to your target audience. Twitter hashtags can even get you viral when you use them well.

7 Tips on How to Use Twitter Hashtags

  1. Make Them Clear

Have you seen Netflix on Twitter? The network maintains an active presence there, promoting all its shows through individual hashtags.

You’ll see #StrangerThings, #TheWitcher, #DarkNetflix, and other hashtags that the followers instantly recognize as part of the brand.

When you look at these hashtags, you realize they are pretty obvious. #watchdarknetflix is much more difficult to understand.

The lesson is clear: use the name of the brand and the products you promote as obvious hashtags. Multi-word hashtags can be awesome, but they may also fail miserably.

  1. Don’t Write an Entire Tweet of Hashtags

#Launching #new #products #today. #Check #onlinestore and #buy!

Now that’s just ridiculous.

You don’t want too many tags in a tweet. According to the official recommendations by Twitter, one or two relevant hashtags are enough to hit the right spots.

Relevant is an important part of the tip. You have to fit the hashtags in context. Remember: the tweet is content, too. Some small business owners even hire nerdy writers to plan out a campaign and write cool tweets for them. Hey; it’s a smart strategy if you’re not witty enough to think of unique hashtags and fit them in attractive tweets.

  1. Use Capital Letters in Multi-Word Hashtags

Capital letters make the hashtags readable. Let’s look at the Netflix examples from above. #StrangerThings is better than #strangerthings, right?

Here’s more proof: do you remember #Susanalbumparty? That was a total PR disaster, simply because the marketing team failed to follow this recommendation.

  1. Don’t Make Them Too Long

The hashtag should be memorable, so other people will start using it. A phrase that’s too long may be unique. Sure, no one else has thought of it. Thinking of a snappy, short, but the unique hashtag is a bit more challenging.

But you know what?

Being brief is what Twitter is all about. Don’t try to defy its purpose by coming off with an endless hashtag that’s impossible to decipher.

  1. Use an Influential Hashtag

Is there an event happening in your industry right now? If there is one, you want to become part of the official hashtag.

Check out how Moosejaw does it. They published tweets for #NationalSocialMediaDay, #ATrailMadness, #AppalachianTrail, #MotorCityPride and other hashtags that do not belong to the brand. That’s exactly why they work, they gain exposure for the brand across the industry.

To find the influential hashtags, check what the influencers from your industry do on Twitter. You won’t hijack their unique hashtags, though. You can only use general tags this way.

  1. Use a Tool to Find Relevant Hashtags

If you find it difficult to think of unique hashtags or locate the coolest ones for your niche, you can use a tool for that purpose. Hashtaigy is a nice one! It will give you a list of suggestions based on popularity in real time. You can get suggestions for Tweets too.

If that strategy doesn’t yield good results, you can try a more effective solution. Go through Academized reviews to find a writing service that can team you up with its writers and marketing experts. They will help you find hashtags and compose great tweets. RushMyEssay is a nice service that meets crazy deadlines and always delivers good results.

  1. Team Up with Twitter Influencers to Promote Your Brand’s Hashtag

If you sponsor influencers, they will work for you. Some Twitter users have millions of followers. People love their tweets and they check on them on a daily basis. If you can team up with the biggest names from your industry, they will promote your brand and its hashtag.

Influencer marketing is a term usually related to Instagram. But the Tweeter format works well, too. The influencers won’t spam with tweets about your brand, but they can post them once or twice per week. That will make a huge difference for your branding campaign.

Don’t Waste the Opportunity to Shine through Twitter Hashtags

Why would you bother going through all that effort just to think of hashtags that work? These are just words and phrases, after all.

Yes, hashtags are simplistic. But that’s exactly why they can get you loads of attention across the network. If people like them, they will start using them to join the conversation about your brand.

So what hashtag will you use today?

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