Top 5 New Visual Trends of Instagram


Blink, and you’ll miss the swift-changing nature of social media trends. These trends capture anything from the worlds of politics, sport, music, art, travel, and so much more! Some see dazzling visuals as the top trend, while others see Instagram from a business perspective. Here, we will morph these together for an overview of the current visual of trends on Instagram. We can also gather what is hot and upcoming, so you can stay ahead of the pack!


Our Instagram influencers tend to all be around a similar age. Millennials, being the majority of Instagram users, are currently exiting their teenage years. This is an interesting yet often undocumented stage of a person’s life. One aspect of this age is that it is a perfect age for nostalgia to start hitting. Cartoons, video games and music from the ’90s and later are experiencing a resurgence of popularity. Even more interesting is the changing fashion and makeup trends on Instagram reflecting ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s style. Photo backgrounds and props also feature an old-school style and feel! Instagram users will likely notice this in their ‘explore’ feeds. Photos will appear more regularly with old-school grainy filters, fonts, and time-stamps!

Re-emergence of Colors

Minimalism was definitely the trending composition of 2018. It has also so far proved popular in 2019, but pop culture life is always short. Prepare for composed light and dark to get shoved to the side to make way for bright and bold colours. Especially as we see the seasons begin to warm up. Clothes tend to match the weather and designers are very aware of this. So, expect to see more variety in your feed! Businesses and influencers too are likely to try and stand out from the black-and-white crowd by using some colour! So, do your best to beat the rush and become a trend-setter yourself! Being amongst the first is always exciting and can even land you some followers when executed correctly.

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Instagram users are tired of seeing the perfect lifestyle everywhere they go.  As such, we are likely to see the emergence of another counter-culture. Research has found that Instagram is a contributor to feelings of anxiety and inadequacy. Mental health awareness is becoming ever more widespread. All these factors lead to users posting more realistic, personal photographs on Instagram. This means fewer touch-ups and filters! We can expect a shift towards a more grounded, fresh Instagram with natural lighting and imperfections!

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing users to post photos and videos in real-time. Only visible for 24 hours, Instagram stories promote a sense of exclusivity. Users can add filters, commentary, hashtags and tag their location and other profiles. They can even repost stories from other profiles! With new features allowing audiences to swipe up to websites and affiliate links, Instagram stories have grown in popularity amongst brands and influencers. With some influencers even swapping out regular posts for daily Instagram stories, as it allows regular and engagement with their target audience and increases brand awareness. New updates have helped the ever-growing popularity of stories, with users now able to save specific stories to their profile. With new trends in Instagram stories constantly emerging, now is a better time than ever to get on and have a go!

Instagram Shopping

Instagram’s shopping is a new feature, with usage by brands and influencers steadily increasing. Direct links to buy advertised items are popping up with more frequency. There are also several different methods Instagram works as a medium of business. Influencers tend to use stories to display how a product works in a specific setting. This also works to turn followers into customers. Larger brands tend to upload photos with direct links in the photo. When it comes to personal application for Instagram Shopping, try out all options to sell or advertise your product and see what works best for you!

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