Hashtag Education to getting your Education System Up and Running

“Posting nice contents on social media alone is outdated as the black and white TV, keying into current trends, trending hash tags, searchable keywords and share-ability is the new social currency” 

― Jerry Oche


There is no denying today about the role that social media plays in bringing about awareness for any industry, service or product. Since the time the internet and technology have taken a front seat, it has apparently become the most popular means of advertising and getting people to know about you and your work. It is safe to say that marketing and getting content noticed by your target audience is a trick that can be handled and dealt with the help of social media marketing. 

One of the biggest tricks and promoting techniques for educational content are hashtags. What started off as a trend for promoting pictures on Instagram, have slowly caught on and is now popular in the field of education as well. Expert of assignment help company based in Australia, state that, In the world of education and learning, one of the most important phases is to continuously reinvent and keep the mode of learning and passing down information and knowledge to the others around. 

With the help of social media today, most educators and teachers can reach a million students and that too with ease. The ways through which teachers can reach students increasingly via the medium of social marketing is not even surprising anymore. 

To get educational content out there and in the open, these are the hashtags that can be used the most. 

Hashtag #1, EdTech

There is no surprise in knowing that since the advent of technology and internet, education and internet almost go hand in hand. Even those who repel technology will have to agree that technology and digitization are revolutionizing the way people look at education on the whole. If your content is revolutionary and holds information that is pivotal, then using this hashtag will keep your content on the forefront. It could be information on new educational tools or technology that can enhance the learning experience for all. #EdTech is definitely one of the hashtags you would want to bank on to market your educational content. 

Hashtag #2, EdChat 

Believe it or not, this particular hashtag has been created by people who wanted to help the educators stay connected to each other and exchange valuable insights. Most of the times teachers need a way of communicating with each other and need a medium or platform through which they can discuss and talk about things that matter the most. When you are posting content on which you want comments and feedback or when you want positive chatter, getting teachers to talk about it is the best way. Keep your content high on chatter by using the #EdChat.

Hashtag #3, Education

What better way to promote educational content, than mentioning the hashtag education. It’s a quick way of promoting your content and getting it noticed amongst the people who are in fact, the ones who deal and live the life of education through and through. 

Hashtag #4, Edapp

The world today looks for things on the app world and if you are looking for cutting edge technology and apps that can bring you the same, then #edapp is the way to get it to the forefront. Using this hashtag can get you introduced to the best of the apps then #edapp is the way of getting it promoted and noticed.

Hashtag #5, classroom

Even the youngest of kids need education and examples that can help them understand all the theoretical concepts with ease. When teachers need activities and exercises on the world of the internet, they look for it under the #classroom. If your program is such that can help teachers who need assistance with their classroom-based activities, this is a hashtag that you need to follow. 

Hashtag #6, teaching

What better way to get teachers to notice your content than by using the hashtag teaching. With the way the education industry is changing it is normal for teachers to look for ways to keep education more interesting. Teachers increasingly are following the #teaching to stay updated with the most current trends and knowledge about the teaching world.

Hashtag #7, globaled

The world is only shrinking and with that shrinking world it is important to know that along with your classroom in your school the rest of the world is also educating itself. Today, as students and teachers you can be a part of learning and educating globally by following the posts that are uploaded with the #globaled. 

Hashtag #8, STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are subjects that are very important and crucial. Most of the content that is out there is mostly related to these subjects mentioned above. STEM is one of the most unique ways of getting your content that fresh lease of life and that too amongst the people who need it the most. 

Hashtag #9, elearning

The way the people learn these days, is through the elearning way. To stay current and updated it is important to know exactly in what way your field is headed. #elearning is a hashtag that can help you get the most current information about learning and education. New ways of teaching and new ways of passing down the same information to the students are keen on learning with the ways of education and technology combined together. 

Hashtag #10, student/students

At the end of the day one needs to realize that all this information and content is after all to help students, which is why hashtagging it with the tag student/students to get it the same recognition and praise that most hashtagged content gets.  

The world of marketing and hashtag promoting is changing almost every day. This is one of the reasons why using the correct hashtags is absolutely necessary. After all, it is the same hashtags that get you to the correct audience and makes all the difference. So, choose the correct hashtags because this is what will get you to places that you need to reach. 
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