Which types of Hashtags should be used to attract customers?


The trend of using Hashtags is nowadays increasing day by day because they can assist you to find out clients, groups, targeted audience and communities. The rise of Hashtags on social media platform has opened the new ways of alluring an audience to your SMO pages and made a new way to make your content engaging.  Hashtags can be used majorly to recognize your service or product through popular Hashtags. You can use different types of Hashtags as per your business needs and goals. Using them can make you capable of alluring a crowd of customers towards your business.
Here are some of the most popular Hashtags explained that can help to allure a mass of patrons to your business.

Three Main Marketing Strategies for Hashtags-

  • Brand and campaign specific
  • Trending
  • Content
  • Brand & Campaign Hashtags

Brand and campaign specific Hashtags are the most popular tags that you create for your business. You can use them to advertise your brand and promotions or business. You can use them for your brand. Make it your company or brand name so that users can know about your business. For a campaign tag, you can use a word or phrase that is very unique and engaging to your customers.


Create a brand Hashtag, which is matchless and attractive to your business or company. Make a complete research for the Hashtags that you’re planning.  You should search for it on various SMO platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest before you can make changes in your tags.  If your business company has a common name, you need to use a different HashtagS name. It is very important for you that you should keep your Hashtags very short and simple to spell. So, you should use them correctly to make them openly on social medial channels.


2- Trending Hashtags

A trending Hashtags is very popular Hashtags that is gaining a lot of popularity among users. You have heard some time,” what’s trending now”. They love to use those Hashtags, which are trending, or very popular in the online marketplace.

3- Content Hashtags

Content Hashtags are the most common and engaging Hashtags that you can use in your social media posts. They are not considered as branded. They are not essentially trending or very popular. These types of Hashtags are known as common Hashtags, which are linked to your post content. They are very helpful for promotion of your business or services. In addition, content Hashtags boost search engine optimization of your posts. They obtain your regular updates observed by many customers who’re looking for services or products.

Popular Hashtags are mainly used to allure the customers

Local Hashtags

If you’re doing small business in your local area and having local presence, you can promote your business by using location-specific Hashtags. Local Hashtags will assist you to obtain more exposure by permitting you to come nearby the clients.

Action Hashtags

If you’re a small business owner and offering a service to the customers, you should use the best way to offer the services to the customers. By using action Hashtags, you can do your business smartly. For instance, if you’re teaching swimming lessons to the children, #learntoswim would be the first-rated and best HasHtags to be used in your social media marketing content. These kinds of Hashtags are very important for those people, who are looking for quick clarification.

“Bragging” Hashtags

Bragging Hashtags are extremely popular, especially if you’re showing how the product subsists to its hashtag publicity. These Hashtags are very helpful to highlight the products or services and business that have subsisted to the expectations. For instance like #bestseller and #toprated.

Custom Hashtags

If you want to come one step ahead in the competition, you should use a unique and popular Hashtags for better business growth.  Branded Hashtags enable followers to be more familiar with your business or company and converts leads into the real customers.  For instances like #ShareACoke (CocaCola),

#PutACanOnIt (Red Bull)

Promotional Hashtags

One and all wants to generate good sales, the best way is to give some discount offers to the customers with help of promotional Hashtags.  Promotional Hashtags are very helpful to promote any kind of products or services on social media platforms. If you’re organizing a social media contest, you can use Hashtags like #contest, or #discount to assist to promote your discount. Your Hashtags could be related to your business or industry. For instance like #freesamples, #sale, and #discountoffers

Descriptive Hashtags

Make your general products or services more understandable so that the customers can know about them. You can do it by using descriptive Hashtags. These types of Hashtags are mainly used to describe your products, or services, brands or business like a name of branded item or service.

For instance: – A business, which renovates the kitchens and can use the descriptive Hashtags like #Kitchenrenovations to allure a targeted audience towards this post.

Charitable Hashtags

If you want to connect your business with charities and trusts, you can use charitable Hashtags promptly. You can remain in touch with your customers with the help of these Hashtags.  If your business contributes a big part of sales to a local charity or trust, you can use charitable Hashtags rightfully.

For Instance: #donateblood #Support and #CancerAwareness, and so on.

Relatable Hashtags-

Relatable Hashtags are very helpful to attract an audience or targeted customers because they resound. These Hashtags are the best ways to make clear communication with targeted customers straightforwardly.

For example #Mondaysbelike #thatfeelingwhen

As a result, this is the right time to prevent random blogs that are not very helpful for your business. When used rightly, Hashtags can make a marketer your best friend. There are many types of Hashtags used on the social media channels to connect with the targeted audience.

It is true fact that Hashtags will assist you to obtain your content observed by a wider audience, if you used social media platforms without Hashtags. You should use Hashtags to allure new potential clients and increase your sales.


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