How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Travel Business

Social media has become a very powerful marketing niche helping millions out
there. Travel businesses are also one among the many industries that make wide
use of social media.
But social media is not something that has this 'one size fits all' connotation!

Each social media platform has unique protocols that together affect a business
approach online.
Today, we are going to guide you on how to use social media to boost your
travel business.

Read on to grasp all the information you need!

1. Start with Facebook

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  • Before marketing your brand or intention online, understand your audience
    first. Ignite an interesting conversation with a view of engaging your
    audience with your content.
  • Encourage people with call-to-action and timely paid Facebook ads to do the
    rounds on your favour.
  • Post engaging content and mind-boggling pictures of travel destinations
    from across the globe.
  • Remember to attract customers with a balanced proportion of data and
    images. Doing this, you can stay assured of promoting your business niche
    across the world.
  • An important fact to bear in mind is not to indulge your audience with over-
    promising words. Overindulgence such as freebies or gift coupons may not
    go well with many, and you might end up under the scam shutters!
    Let whatever you post deal with what you have rather than mere promises.
    And since you are dealing in the travel industry, you can win the attraction of a
    huge audience with quality content, brand marketing, and of course, colourful

Facebook marketing makes way for users to ask for your feedback regarding their
trip or travel destinations. This way, you have a broader chance of staying in line
with the preference of your potential audience.

2. Trend on Twitter

downloadDid you know that there are over 300 million active users on Twitter? This

amazing social media platform is yet another useful tool to help broadcast what
you have in your shutters.
With over 500 million tweets trending every day, Twitter is one of the most tactic
platforms for business promotion.
With awesome posts, images, and an extended count of 280 characters, you can
effortlessly market your travel niche to your audience.

  • Share useful links to blog posts, infographics, and videos to grab the
    attention of your audience.
  • Actively take part in various group travel chats and foster the knowledge
    you have in the travel industry. This way, you can build strong relationships
    with various travel suppliers globally.
  • Always keep your brand promotional offers or sales insights less than 20% for every five tweets. Remember, Twitter is all about conversation and engagement than selling.
  • Including catchy hashtags on each tweet is likely to make your particular session to be re-tweeted. Attaching colourful photos of travel destinations and captions contributes to more engagement.

3. Connect with Your Audience through Instagram

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A picture is worth a thousand words! And that being said, you can imagine the
wonders the pictures you post might do.With the amazing photo-sharing app Instagram by your side, you can turn your
marketing into a brand story with narrative pictures.
While the travel industry requires a lot of eye-catching pictures to illustrate the
different attractive destinations, you can make use of this strategy to build your

  • Posting high-quality images not only captivates followers but also connects
    with their preferences. This is more like the 'first impression is the best
    impression' type of connection. And make sure you avoid stock photos or
    blurry pictures. Always go for high-quality copyright-free images to market
    your brand.
  • Boost your leverage with trending hashtags to make your post more
    searchable. This way, you are attracting more audience to your website.

3. LinkedIn


With over 100,000 articles published daily in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is
one of the most efficient social media platforms to showcase your business.

You might regard this platform as one of the most boring business networks. But
guess what, it is actually the best social media network where millions of
businesses are connected.
Using LinkedIn to scale up your travel business is a very good idea when it comes
to making it big in the entrepreneurial world today!

  • Start by creating a free LinkedIn page for your travel business. Use
    professional photos for your profile that illustrate what you deal with.
  • Creating a company page 'Follow' button helps in attracting more followers.
  • Engage your colleagues to add to the content with their travel niche and
  • Publish and promote your content with sponsored elements, tourism
    artifacts, and blog posts. This way, you are marketing your brand while
    maintaining a healthy network of followers.
  • This free and effective social media marketing platform is the ideal choice if
    you want to hunt the audience looking for quality services.

Countless travel enthusiasts are turning to social media for guidance regarding
their trips. While social media platforms form a wide source of inspiration, it is
also on the part of travel brands to deliver what they promise!
As travel business entrepreneurs, it vests in your strategies on how you plant a seed
in their enthusiastic minds. Your mind-blowing approach through social media
may turn into a blasting vacation for your followers!

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