Instagram Introduces Stories

Instagram is not only focusing on how well your photos are being portrayed. They are now providing personal touches to your Instagram account. The new “Instagram Stories” feature will provide businesses, startups and anyone who wants to engage with their followers a new way to share quick moments, and build relationships.
Here are the highlights of what this new feature offers:

  • Dedicated place outside of the feed
  • Post more moments within the day
  • Stories will appear as a slideshow format
  • Add text and drawings
  • Photos and videos will disappear within 24 hours and won’t appear in your profile or feed
  • Not be able to like or comment on these stories
  • You can hide your stories, even those who follow you
  • You can feature your story by posting it on your profile

You can read more about this new feature here
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Instagram will let you see stories from the people you follow through a bar located at the top of your feed. Instagram users will now be able to see stories from best friends to their favorite popular accounts. On top of that, when there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it.
You can now show moments and stories of your daily lives. Do you have cats and dogs running around in your office? Record, create, and share those moments! Write your CTA, create funny moments, exclusive to your daily life. How do you run your business? Invite your followers and empower others to join you.
Doing a Starbucks run for your office? Moments like these are what people love and want to see. If you’re a cool clothing store, and you want to show that you are a hip shop, go for it. Transparency provides customers with a welcoming feel, and help build relationship. Be creative and see what you can do with this new feature.
Continue to post your amazing campaigns and provide exclusive moments of your life with Star Wars laser beams and other practical engagements!
More reasons for you to engage, grab, be proactive with your accounts. users can create specific hashtag campaigns so you can see just how well you perform and get your Instagram marketing to a whole new level. Add a bit of moments from your story to your feed and create inside moments for your followers to see.
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