How to launch your B2B business on Twitter

When we talk about B2B (Business-to-business) business growth, we require more focus and
attention for building a strong presence on social networking sites as compared to B2Cs business.
Apart from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, we have Twitter to diversify our services or products.

Twitter has launched in March 2006 and become one of the most demanding social media channels
in the world. More than 330 million people use twitter and there are about 500 million tweets sent
in a day. These tweets make twitter the largest news source where you can find everything at any
time. So, why we don’t have our business on this social media site?

As per the 2017 report of Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs named “2017
Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America,” LinkedIn acquires the first place with 89 % of
B2B marketers whereas Twitter comes at the second place with 77%. This rate depends on your
content strategy and the way of information representation.

If you consider the above chart, you find that the success rate of your B2B business highly depends on content creation. By considering all important factors, we have some tips for you to boost your brand’s identity on twitter.

  1. Build your identity and engage influencers

To make a strong and unique identity, you need to know how to find influencers on twitter and establish better interaction. It may be tough but not impossible to sort out your target audience and influence them for your services or products. 

Use the filter and searching tools, and choose relevant profiles as your audience. You can use third-party tools to find influencers such as BuzzStream or FollowerWonk. Once you have found your target audience, follow them and start like and reply to their tweets on a daily basis. By doing these kinds of activities, you will get noticed and can raise the chances of getting more business. 

2. Provide answers to questions

Today, twitter acts as a hub of customer service interaction. According to the study of Social Bakers, more than 80% of customer service requests register on twitter. No doubt, that twitter is a network where you can ask many questions and receive many responses. That’s why twitter plays a significant role for B2B marketers because it is not necessary that you will only receive your business -related questions but you may get queries related to a specific product or service.

Use Searching Twitter to understand people’s reactions over a product, what are they searching for, what are they talking about, and how their fellows responding to that queries. You can also check your competitors’ feed to know how they are replying.

   3. Spread your business awareness and loyalty

When you choose to share valuable information on Twitter, you can create a strong and robust brand reputation which puts a great impact on users. By sharing useful and significant content, you are not only boosting brand awareness but also surging the loyalty of existing consumers. A strong relationship with your customers allows you to get good B2B business progress. 

If customers find your services or products genuine and reliable after tweeting valuable information on social sites, then you can get an enhanced version of your business.

4. Understand the requirements of your audience

Do you know what your audience likes about your business? What do they want from your services? If not, then start your work. We know, customers are important for every business growth so that your prime attention should be your customers and their requirements. For example, if students need assignment help, you must know what kind of support they need for their project. Monitor your twitter profile and understand what is happening around. Make sure you use the correct strategy so that you don’t get deleted, erased or unfollowed. 

For a better understanding of what users find interesting about your business, use Twitter analytics and also social media referral traffic data in Google Analytics. By using these tools, you will get valuable insights to know the best time to tweet, content, and scrutinize your fans based on geography, language, interest, etc. 

  5. Use correct tactics to promote your services

Information representation in front of the right people at the right time matters a lot when you want to get success in your business. Using twitter, B2B marketers can promote their services to their target audience because many people search for valuable information on social media. So, your goal should be centered on that audience to promote your services or products.

Here, one point to be noted that the promotion of your services should be done through relevant methods without annoying to potential consumers. For a more improved approach, apply 80 by 20 rule for your content marketing in social media in which you should use 20% information about your business. Share only noteworthy information about your brand. You can also use promoted tweets to target your desired audiences.

  6. Don’t neglect your content marketing efforts

If you want to get remarkable online marketing outcomes, you have to work on content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. Here, you need to understand the connection between content and twitter. Because content marketing helps B2B marketers to create a good marketing program. See the below charts to understand the role of content marketing in business-enhancing.

As per the above discussed chart, 77% is good enough to channelize your tactics on Twitter. More quality content drives social shares which help to boost social visibility and overall online presence. Thus, work on your content part to get good business reach. 

  7. Be aware of spammers

You can’t get rid of spammers, there are everywhere. You can find spammers on Twitter also. Ensure that your audiences are legitimate and they do not follow the account you come across. Maintain a good balance between the numbers of “followers” and “following” if you want a serious impact on your users.

Conclusion: The strategy that B2B marketers use for their Twitter handling can drive successful online marketing for their brand. Thus, it is significant to make a strong and valuable presence on social media and share the interesting content that your users want to read. I hope you will find these tips worthy of launching your business on Twitter.

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Kaylee Brown has outstanding writing skills and eager to learn new tactics for enhancing business growth. Currently she is associated with Greatassignmenthelp & Edumagnate and provides valuable content for students especially business management.

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