How to Launch Your eCommerce on Twitter

Whether you are a newbie or have been in the business for several years, you need real traffic to get sales. In order to survive in this web world, you must make your online business visible to your target audience. In this case, strong marketing strategies can facilitate you for reaching prospective consumers and convert them into loyal customers.

Social Media Marketing gives you a wide platform to interact with your audience directly. Moreover, it allows you to build brand awareness, drive website traffic and increase sales accordingly. But you have to know the potential way to promote your online business and choose the right platform for you.

Facebook is popular for sharing views of daily life, Instagram and Pinterest work great with visual exposure and, Snapchat earns praise for video marketing. However, Twitter becomes an effective way to spread the brand voice towards a special community for any business type.

In order to grow your eShop drastically, you can include the Twitter marketing strategy in your ultimate marketing policy. Today we will discuss the importance of promoting your eCommerce business on twitter and how can you do it.

Easy Guide: How to Launch & Promote Your eShop on Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging site with over 326 million active monthly users. It inaugurated a unique interaction system between users and brands. Also, it limits each tweet-length up to 280 characters to represent your views concisely. Therefore, people love to browse on twitter and get engaged with the brands efficiently. Moreover, it’s easy for users to find out their required products or service providers on this social platform.

So, by adding your business on Twitter you can get closer to your desired users who intend to search for similar products or services like yours. 

Let’s explore how you can get started with Twitter marketing strategy:

Understanding Twitter and How does it help to grow

You can leverage the power of twitter marketing in order to expand your business among potential customers. Global organizations like Denny’s, Taco Bell, Oreo, Starbucks Coffee have noticed a remarkable success by establishing a huge customer base on twitter. 

As twitter is a widened platform for real consumers, people come here with the intention to get reviews from real users. Therefore, it’s a fair chance for you to introduce your business and communicate with your fans and followers on this social platform. Eventually, you will get a dedicated and engaged community of your own. It is compatible for all small, medium and large-sized enterprises. 

Besides connecting potential consumers with your business, it helps you to interact with the influencers on the same field and create brand advocates. In order to increase client satisfaction offering live customer support on twitter. In fact, 85% of SMB Twitter users stated that it’s effective that businesses provide customer support on Twitter. 

Finding a Niche with Understanding Your Audience Base

Twitter allows you to know what’s happening in your business industry, community and around the globe. As a business owner, your main motive must be getting maximum revenue at minimum cost. In order to upward your profit margin, you need to identify your potential audience preference, their likings and the effective way to make them engaged with you.

Based on your business type and audience base you can design your strategy to increase active participation from your audience with your brand. You can post different types of content and observe what works best with your audience. By analyzing the responses you can plan your future strategy. Also, you can run promotional campaigns, audience polls, company profile, informative content to improve your brand awareness and user engagement. 

This the best way to understand your audience and get their feedback. Later you can use these reviews to improve your services and products. It will convert strangers into your loyal advisors. Moreover, you can announce special offers, discounts or any other news on your twitter’s timeline to drag the attention of your audience easily.

How to Perfectly Set up a Business Account  on Twitter

Follow these 7-easy steps to open and optimize your business account for twitter.

  1. At first, browse to and open your account with your business name, email address, password, and username.
  2. After arriving on the welcome page click “Next” to go forward. Then Twitter will ask you to follow 5 users twice for a total of 10. You can follow your friends, competitors organizations, or influencers from your industry.
  3. Now Twitter will say you to add contacts from your email. Well! You can skip this step simply hit on the Skip otherwise add contacts and click on “Next”.
  4. Now set your profile image by uploading your brand logo or any photo that represents your business.
  5. Then fill the bio information shorty within 160 characters that describe your business identity.
  6. Now upload a header photo to personalize your business account and optimize the branding.
  7. Nevertheless, add your business location and website address in the allocated fields.

Congratulations! Your twitter ecommerce account is ready to post your first tweet. Make your tweets public to be seen by anyone even who is not your follower.

Note: Don’t forget to confirm your Twitter account from your email by clicking on the confirmation link.

Engaging on Twitter- Things You Should Consider

After setting up the account you should focus on your business exposure. You can post magnetic content on your account to introduce your brand. Always try to bring some unique and informative resources to attract your audience. Also, tweet consistently with a minimum gap that your potential consumers don’t get confused and acquire all the updates accordingly.

It is the best practice to acknowledge the person or source from where you get the information. Don’t forget Twitter allows 200 characters for a new post. 

You should tweet the same content at least twice as the Twitter stream moves very first many of your followers could miss the first tweet unconsciously. Choose the tweet time carefully that you can reach a huge audience immediately. According to the study, the best pick hour for twitter community is 12 PM to 6 PM. Also, there is a high possibility to earn more CTRs on weekends. 

Based on your business prototype, location, target audience, and other circumstances your marketing approaches will differ.

Building Your Audience- Recent Examples from Top Brands

With over 1 billion registered users, Twitter has around 100 million daily users who interact on this network by responding or creating tweets. Its fast-paced newsfeed and real-time conversations make it the most preferred social network for both individuals and businesses.

Top brands like Sony, McDonald’s, Calvin Klein and so many follow the core twitter marketing strategy to build a productive audience for their brand. To promote your brand on Twitter you should follow some simple tactics like:

  1. Tweet a variety of content regularly
  2. Retweet at least once
  3. Effective use of the hashtag (no more than 2 in a tweet, usually just 1)


You can explain the usability of your brand by creating informative content for your target users. 

McDonald’s is the same popular on Twitter as its real world. They regularly upload their product promotion videos and images on its Twitter page to grab the attention of their audience. 

Advertising with Twitter, Selling and Getting Reports

With the immense flow of millions of tweets, it’s difficult for any new brand to stand out from the crowd. In this circumstance, Twitter ads can help you to spread your brand voice in front of the users who have an interest in your products or brand. It stated that Twitter ad engagement increased 69 percent over the last year with a 28 percent drop in cost per ad campaign.

At first, you have to identify your campaign objectives and design your twitter add accordingly. After that set up your ad-group and bidding. Now, you can select from your existing tweets or create a new one to promote. Also, you can set the position of your ad appearance.

In addition, you have the flexibility to choose your target audience based on the user’s geographical area, behaviors, interests, special events and so on. Always use high-quality images and videos for twitter campaigns. Also, you can get the idea from the performance of your organic tweets to design your campaign effectively.

Most importantly, you can track the performance of your Twitter Ads from the campaign dashboard. You can track:


Impression: How many times your ads have been seen by Twitter users.

Results: The actions that satisfy your objectives.

Engagement Rate: The number of impressions for your ads divided by the number of results.

Cost per result: How much you have spent on an average for each relevant action people have taken from the ad.


There is also another option to share a tweet with a wider audience named Quick Promote. You will get the results of all types of twitter ads from the campaign dashboard. It will help you to optimize the campaigns and increase your sales drastically. However, you can add a free plugin to your WooCommerce-based site for boosting and retargeting the conversion rate with few clicks only.


Tips to Perfectly Utilize Hashtags

A hashtag is a keyword or a phrase used to describe a specific topic or a theme, which is posted with the pound sign (#). Ecommerce business owners can use hashtags in their tweets to categorize them in a way that users can easily find them and follow the tweets.

As it’s a powerful tool to promote your brand, you have to use it perfectly in your post.


  • Don’t add spaces or punctuation in a hashtag.
  • Choose the hashtagged keyword wisely.
  • Use trendy words for a hashtag.
  • Don’t use more than 2 hashtags per Tweet.
  • Keep your hashtag tweet public.
  • Include the hashtag within or after your message.

Using hashtag is an effective way to improve the conversion rate and increase the traffic for your eShop. With the hashtag keyword, people who have the same interest can find your brand easily. Therefore, increase your business productivity by choosing the right hashtag keyword that represents your brand.

Helpful Twitter marketing tips with essential tools

There is no doubt that Twitter is a great platform to grow your business. As things move very fast on this platform the average lifespan of each tweet is 18 minutes only. Therefore you need a solid Twitter marketing strategy to achieve the main goal.

Here we listed 12 most useful Twitter marketing tips you should follow:

  1. Set your handle, profile image and header image that presents your brand best.
  2. Write your bio within 160 characters that showcase your brand personality. Add your business link here.
  3. You can pin one tweet to highlight the main purpose of your business. Update this pinned post regularly to tell the people your latest products or services.
  4. Write your message concisely within 280 characters and optimize with useful keywords to convey only the important information.
  5. Schedule your tweet during peak hours: between 12PM to 6 PM on Monday through Friday.
  6. Use the right hashtags efficiently: choose the popular keywords and use at most 2 hashtags in a tweet.
  7. Add high-quality images and videos as per your target audience preference.
  8. Conduct pulls, contents, question-answer session for more engagement.
  9. Use creative and useful CTAs to drive users towards your business.
  10. Do A/B testing to compare the performance of different headlines and pick the best one.
  11. Convince your target niche influencers to put your brand in front of their followers.
  12. Leverage the power of Twitter ads and campaign reports.

Modern technology can help you to increase user engagement on Twitter by using these Twitter Marketing Tools.

  1. Jetpack: Improve site security and increase traffic through automatic social sharing, related content, and faster load times.
  2. Hashtagify: Find the top Hashtag suggestions, analysis their popularity, and identify Twitter influencers.
  3. WooCommerce Conversion Tracking:  Integrating any advertising campaigns and their performance.
  4. TweetReach: Get a free snapshot of how your tweets are performing and who is engaging with your tweets.
  5. Keyhole: Find out who’s mentioning your brand and engaging with your hashtags, keywords, and links. 

You can optimize your Twitter account and find new opportunities easily by using these tools.

Final Verdict

Twitter has become very popular platform over the last few years to research your market, generate new leads, increase sales, build brand awareness and gain trust from the users. Moreover, minimize the customer support costs and retain users with effective Twitter Marketing Strategy. 

Hence, utilize the power of Twitter Marketing for expanding your eCommerce business and build a meaningful relationship with your potential customers.

Use hashtagify to analyze the best hashtags for achieving your goal. Furthermore it allows you to find out the trending hashtags in your niche and the hashtags influencers are using.

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