Creating Twitter Libraries in C++

Twitter has become a popular information network and platform for communication. Today, around 200 million tweets are sent out on this social media network every day. For businesses, this platform can be used for advertisement purposes, to communicate information and to interact with consumers. Often, it is useful to integrate Twitter and its data into a new application and to automate the data that is sent through this platform. To do this, Twitter libraries need to be created. In programming, a Twitter library consists of a collection of routines, or modules, that have been precompiled and stored in object format. These routines can be used by a program to automate certain processes. Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ is a programming language used for graphical applications and often used to create Twitter libraries. With its processing strength and speed, C++ is an object-oriented high-level language and a reliable developing tool. If you hire C++ developer it is easy to create libraries for Twitter and to automate and integrate this platform.


Twitter’s data is unique from most other types of social platforms’ data because it reflects mostly the info that people share publicly. An API can access this data that was chosen to be shared publicly. All that is needed to do this, is a Twitter account. Let’s look at how the Twitter API works:

  • About The Twitter API And How It Works

Just like an application programming interface (API) exist to create applications that obtain data from other applications, the Twitter API lets you access all the features Twitter has to offer without going through the actual website interface. This is a functional and practical way of automating things without scripts, such as publishing tweets, posting images and videos, sharing links and sending direct messages.

For example, if you want to have a Twitter chat with a group of people, some who have asked for a personal reminder before it starts, it would take a very long time to send out a manual personal tweet to everyone. Though, if you have a list of usernames of all the Twitter accounts and an API that allows a script to access it, these messages could be automated. This is a quick and easy way to accomplish this task. It can save valuable time and ensure that Twitter data is sent accurately to the correct users.

A developer can use an API from Twitter to integrate the data into a new application. The Twitter platform offers specific APIs, including Standard API, Premium API, Enterprise API and Ads API, for this purpose. These APIs each represent a part of Twitter and give developers the opportunity to build upon and grow their applications in innovative and creative ways. The Twitter APIs are constantly growing and evolving and if a developer wants to use the Twitter platform, it is an ongoing process.

How can you connect to the Twitter API? For a developer, this is a quick and easy process. The steps include:

  1. Apply for a developer account
  2. Receive approval
  3. Create a Twitter developer application
  4. Generate the application’s user tokens, API keys and bearer token
  5. Get access to specific APIs

To use data from Twitter, you can use a library and command-line tool.

About cURL And How To Create And Use It

If you need to transfer data using several different network protocols, you can use a library and command-line tool. The ideal computer software project for this is cURL (‘client URL’), a free, open-source tool in C++, first released in 1997. cURL offers ‘libcurl’, a library, and ‘curl’, a command-line tool, and is often used to retrieve data from Twitter. Let’s look at how this can be done:

Using ‘curl’ in a command line

To retrieve Twitter data, cURL is often used by simply typing ‘curl’ in the command line and following it with the URL of the source.

For example:


What else can you do with cURL without using the Twitter platform?

  • Update a Twitter status
  • Respond to a Twitter post
  • Send bulk reminders to followers
  • Retweeting content using a specific hashtag
  • Linking content using a specific hashtag
  • Display live updates
  • Upload media (image, GIF and video) to Twitter
  • Find specific trends for your area
  • Retrieve tweets that use a specific hashtag


If you are ready to receive and send data such as media and graphics without having to use Twitter, you can use the Twitter API and send and receive data with the cURL tool.

To create libraries and use an API for Twitter can be complex. Furthermore, if you want to create a new application or website where Twitter’s data can be used, you require an expert that is familiar with C++ application and C++ web development. C++ may be an older programming language, often used for C++ game development, but today it is still highly useful to develop some of the best, most innovative applications for businesses to use. If you want to build Twitter libraries in C++ for a certain function, it is wise to hire a C++ developer. A quick search online for C++ developer salary will retrieve many results that will assist you in recruiting the ideal candidate. C++ application and C++ web development can be extremely useful for any business wanting to automate certain processes.

Final Takeaway

Today, Twitter has become an important and valuable communications tool. Many businesses are using it to communicate important information. However, it is a lengthy process to retrieve and send Twitter data from the Twitter application, and an alternative is often required. If you need a more automated method of using Twitter’s data, it is useful to use a Twitter API. By creating Twitter libraries using programming in C++ and using an API you can easily automate Twitter processes. It is worth employing a C++ developer for your programming needs. A developer with the right skills, knowledge and C++ programmer salary can do wonders for your business’ communication using Twitter.

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