Hashtag Do’s & Don’ts to Up Your Social Media Marketing Game

Guest Post by Alice Davison If you have been keeping an eye out for news on science and discoveries, then you would know that the earliest form of human drawing known in history came into light just a few days back. Scientists have discovered a drawing on a rock found in a cave in South […]

Successful SMM Techniques to Consider On Any Budget

Guest Post by Kristin Savage Social media marketing remains one of the cornerstones of successful advertisement. With millions of people actively using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, marketers are bound to take advantage of such a lucrative market. According to studies, 95% of adults are more likely to follow a brand online if they […]

6 Ways to Get Your Content Trending On Instagram

Guest Post by Elizabeth Mailey Now a day’s business continues to working making their content trending and attractive so that more readers can read your content. There are different ways that business adapt to make their post to go viral, trendy, and highlighted on the bench of posts on different social media accounts. Now a day’s […]

How To Use Hashtags When You're Working With Big Data

Guest post by Donna Moores Hashtags are no longer just your smartphone’s pound sign. Rather, they now enjoy a prominent position in the most renowned social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. They are probably the most prevalent way of classifying content on social networks. Nowadays, hashtags have become such a significant […]

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Hashtags

Guest Post By Adela Belin Prior to 2007, the symbol ‘#’ was merely a pound symbol as opposed to today when it is better known as the hashtag. Today, everyone on social media is using hashtags. While some brands are using it for fun, others are utilizing them to amplify reach or go viral. As […]

The Best Tools for Digital Marketers

Guest post by Nicolas Walker Before you conduct an online campaign, it is important to plan and research thoroughly if you want to make your marketing easier. Your decisions must be data-driven, so you must choose appropriate marketing tools to quantify your data accurately and maximize your marketing efforts. Free marketing tools could be the difference […]

Top Hashtags You Need to Use While Writing a Blog Post

Guest post by Paula Hicks What’s your initial goal for each blog post you write? You’re trying to solve some issues for your target audience, right? Whether or not you’re writing the blog post for promotional purposes, attracting more readers is always your first goal. That means you’re going to promote that blog post on social […]

How to Run Influencer Marketing Campaign

Guest post by Pankaj Narang Leveraging the power of social media to attain target audience for your brand has become the latest norm in the marketing world. Probably, one of the key marketing techniques doing the rounds currently is Influencer Marketing. Much more than just a buzzword, Influencer marketing opens up the door of opportunities […]

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Hashtag Plan

Guest post by Mary Walton Surprisingly to many marketers and social media entrepreneurs, hashtags have been around for over ten years but have only recently become hugely popular across all the major social media platforms. In short, hashtags exist for two simple reasons. Firstly, so social media users can easily find the content they are […]