5 Ways Social Media Save Time For Customer Support Teams

Customer support reps know that social media has, by its nature, improved and made the role of the customer support much more manageable. This is because they no longer rely entirely on a helpdesk to communicate with the customer as was before.  Also, they can communicate with the customers in real-time and without deploying lots […]

5 Ways To Dominate Social Media Marketing In 2020

How people consume products and buy services has greatly changed due to the social media effect. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a host of other social platforms have enabled consumers to interact more with brands before making their purchasing decisions. This phenomenon has brought many marketing and growth opportunities for both established and small business entities.  […]

The benefits of travelling and how can it helps bringing the best of you.

You do hear many talk about trips they’re planning on taking. It could be a great distance or just an hour away, travel is so important and beneficial for your own character development. Not to mention that you get to experience different things with every place you have never been before. Traveling is the perfect […]

Important Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2020

In this internet age, there is no way you can promote your business without social media marketing. If it is not working, you are probably not doing it right. Many companies get lazy with their social media marketing. Most make the mistake of imitating others and eventually failing.  Here are some social media marketing mistakes you must […]

8 Powerful Benefits of PPC for Small Business

Web traffic is the core of any online business. You need traffic in order to get people to check out your products and buy them. Traffic also helps grow your audience and ad revenue for your website.  PPC ads are one of the many tools that can help you balance a marketing budget while also […]

How to search for popular Twitter Hashtags

Want to amplify your online presence on Twitter? In today’s technological era, if you want to get good business growth or want to raise the business of your client, then you have to use an innovative and advanced business approach. If you are still unaware of the Twitter hashtags, that means you are wasting your […]

Current Trends and Future of Social Media Marketing

Online influence is just like a surfer surfing at the ocean, if you are able to time your ride with that next wave you are going to feel how it lifts you up, carries you forward and takes you way into the next wave. Trends are very similar to these oceanic waves when taped into […]

How to launch your B2B business on Twitter

When we talk about B2B (Business-to-business) business growth, we require more focus and attention for building a strong presence on social networking sites as compared to B2Cs business. Apart from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, we have Twitter to diversify our services or products. Twitter has launched in March 2006 and become one of the most demanding […]

Top 10 Successful Hashtag Campaigns That You Can Learn From

Running a hashtag campaign can be a challenging prospect but there are a number of brands who have successfully conducted such campaigns. Whether by taking up a social cause, sourcing user-generated content, going above and beyond the campaign’s primary purpose, or creating an online community, these hashtag campaigns brought people together and made an impact […]