Three Mistakes To Avoid Before Launching An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Traditional media platforms are gradually losing their appeal in this increasingly tech-savvy generation. This has compelled the advertisers to move away from platforms like television and print media and explore the benefits of marketing and advertising on online platforms (like Upfluence, AspireIQ, Advowire, Klear, Facebook, Instagram and various others). And one of the best ways […]

7 Small Instagram Mistakes You Are Probably Doing

Whether you are an Instagram pro or a novice in the field, you probably know how the platform can increase the success of a company substantially. Better yet, it is built to communicate solely through visual elements. While Instagram’s primary demographic is between 18 and 35 years old, out of which 65% are visual learners, […]

How to Use Trending Hashtags to Boost Your Tweets Impressions

Twitter has become the place where hashtags were originally born, simply as a way to organize information. Today they are used in all social networks, of course, with their own characteristics, and marketers even came up with a special concept of hashtag marketing and hashtag strategies. However, the main rules for using hashtags remain the […]

The Hashtagify Pro Story Part 1 – I can’t find an ARM Calculator!

Hashtagify Pro is a specialized Twitter analytics service that helps social media managers, marketers, and [self-promoting] Twitter users tracking and improving their promotional/awareness campaigns on Twitter. But its serendipitous story starts three years ago with my wife Tanya getting pregnant and me having to look for a bigger home. At the time we had been […]

RECORDED Webinar: The Art and Science of Hashtag

You’ve Missed our Webinar! Hashtags means lot to us. So we teamed up with TINT to help you understand hashtag and drive your marketing skills as well. Want to advance your skills with #Hashtag? If so, I encourage you to set a time and watch this webinar we’ve recorded for you. Here’s are some of […]

Introducing Instagram Hashtag Tracking

Instagram is growing like crazy right now. With 400 million active monthly users, it’s fast becoming the go-to social media platform to share images. Here at Hashtagify, we like to think we keep up with the latest trends. We’re constantly innovating to match what you guys want. When speaking to users, Instagram tracking was a […]

Instagram Introduces Stories

Instagram is not only focusing on how well your photos are being portrayed. They are now providing personal touches to your Instagram account. The new “Instagram Stories” feature will provide businesses, startups and anyone who wants to engage with their followers a new way to share quick moments, and build relationships. Here are the highlights […]

Current Trends and Future of Social Media Marketing

Online influence is just like a surfer surfing at the ocean, if you are able to time your ride with that next wave you are going to feel how it lifts you up, carries you forward and takes you way into the next wave. Trends are very similar to these oceanic waves when taped into […]

6 Steps to Measure Your Hashtag Campaign ROI

We live in an era where almost all social media channels have hashtags. In fact, a lot of businesses and brands that run a successful campaign used hashtags. Hashtags are used by businesses for many reasons. It can be either used to market new campaigns or products, run contests, and competitions or simply to connect […]