Are hashtags still relevant in 2020?

Photo by Jan Baborák on Unsplash The year was 2007 when the entire world went crazy about Twitter. And Twitter, in the collective imaginary, immediately meant 2 things: a 250-character limit to spread your message and some funny labels, created by prepending the symbol “#” to a word, that you could use to search for […]

Successful SMM Techniques to Consider On Any Budget

Guest Post by Kristin Savage Social media marketing remains one of the cornerstones of successful advertisement. With millions of people actively using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, marketers are bound to take advantage of such a lucrative market. According to studies, 95% of adults are more likely to follow a brand online if they […]

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Hashtag Plan

Guest post by Mary Walton Surprisingly to many marketers and social media entrepreneurs, hashtags have been around for over ten years but have only recently become hugely popular across all the major social media platforms. In short, hashtags exist for two simple reasons. Firstly, so social media users can easily find the content they are […]

4 Ways to Improve Brand Discovery and Visibility on Social Media

4 Ways to Improve Brand Discovery and Visibility on Social Media 1

Social media is dense, and getting noticed is hard. Here are a few hacks to maximize your discovery and visibility. Practice these ideas consistently and you will have yourself a formidable social presence. It is important to collaborate with employees, customers and fans. For your message to travel on social media, it has to be […]

Introducing Instagram Hashtag Tracking

Instagram is growing like crazy right now. With 400 million active monthly users, it’s fast becoming the go-to social media platform to share images. Here at Hashtagify, we like to think we keep up with the latest trends. We’re constantly innovating to match what you guys want. When speaking to users, Instagram tracking was a […]

Write About Hashtags And Win – $4,000 Reward

How good are you at analyzing hashtags using And how good are you at blogging? If you’re good at both, you’ll be interested in our first blogging competition. In short, we want to show how, with, users can find great information related to hashtags. During the next two months we want to publish […]