Hashtagify's Sparkling New Sparklines

You might already have noticed, but we just published on Hashtagify.me an update we’re really proud of: Sparklines, sparklines everywhere!   These little charts show the popularity for the last 2 months for each hashtag – click them to get more details. Enjoy!

Hashtagify Widgets: Embed Hashtags Data In Your Website – Free!

Would you like to use our live hashtags data in your website or blog? Now you can, just like in this example: hashtags data by hashtagify.me As a matter of fact, we’ve just released our new Hashtagify Widgets. You can choose to show your users: The popularity and top related hashtags for a hashtag – as a graph or […]

Hashtag Intelligence beta: PDF Reports

Web interfaces have a great advantage over printed reports: You can interact with data, and this makes it easy to show a lot more information in an easy to access way. This is why we organized our Hashtag Intelligence web interface starting from a high-level view, and then allowing you to drill down to the […]

Hashtagify Blog Contest: And The Winner Is….

…Katie Williams, with her great post Personal Branding 101: How to Use Hashtags to Become a Top Twitter Influencer Participating in this contest has been amazing. It’s not only helped me to hone my writing skills, but also introduced me to Hashtagify, which is truly an excellent tool that I use to monitor various campaigns Katie added […]

Hashtagify.me Blog Contest: Vote Your Posts!

UPDATE Vote is closed. Many thanks to everybody who voted! If you’re a registered user on hashtagify.me, please help us choose the winner for our $4,000 contest: Vote for the posts you like the most! The Event Hashtag : A Very Rough Guide Twitter: Celebrities vs. Things That Really Matter Big Ten football network: Who […]

Hashtagify Pro: Would you like it to be from Hashtagify, ltd?

The beta of Hashtagify Pro is going well, and I’m going to release it officially soon enough. I have to decide if I should incorporate as Hashtagify Ltd. before launching: Would you trust Hashtagify Ltd. more than Daniele Mazzini? Please vote here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3403065

Under construction

This blog will talk about the technology and the developments of hashtagify.me. I already have a list of posts to write… I just need to find the time. Hopefully, in this century! Stay tuned…