7 Hashtag Tips to Explode Your Engagement on Twitter

According to the latest data (March 2019), Twitter has 76.35 million monthly active users. That’s a lot. Still, this network doesn’t come close to Facebook (168.59 million) and Instagram (121.24 million) monthly active users. Due to that fact, many marketers avoid that platform, thinking they should focus their entire resources to Facebook and Instagram. Is […]

4 Ways to Boost your SEO using Social Media

How many times do you go ahead and click on the second page of Google in your search for the desired result? It is known as the best place to hide a body for a reason – no one visits it, ever! With so much data being uploaded to the web every second, developing an […]

7 Tips to Pitch the Right Audience Via Social Media Marketing

As of 2019, nearly 3 billion people have an active account on social media. Over the last few years, these numbers have kept on increasing and social media experts believe it won’t be long before the entire world population will be using social media in their daily lives. Social media has taken a major chunk […]

How to Create Shareable Content that will Go Viral on Social Media

Guest Post by Elaine Bennett What makes a piece of online content go viral? Quality? A clickable headline? Credible sources? Yes, but there is obviously more than that, otherwise every new post would be trending across the social media world. Creating shareable content requires careful planning and preparation, and it also requires of its creators to […]

5 of the Best Instagram Marketing Hacks That Really Successful Brands Use

Guest Post by Shane Barker With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. The Stories feature of the platform attracts a massive audience too. More than 500 million users watch Instagram Stories daily. The engagement rates on Instagram are also far higher than other platforms. For instance, […]

How to Use Hashtag to Boost Sales?

Rising competition in the e-commerce field means sellers have to come up with new ways to boost their marketing. On-page SEO, advertising, and building links are a few methods you can try, but today, we will introduce a new way – using a hashtag to promote your brands. A hashtag is a word or phrase […]

Top Hashtag Marketing Tactics to Improve Audience Engagement

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to get noticed on social media these days, with so many companies and individuals vying for attention, with so many great products and services available. However, as a counter-point to this, the ways in which social media can be used to gain attention are also constantly evolving, with new methods, strategies, […]

How to Boost Conversions & Enhance Your Brand’s Presence With Instagram

In this digital era, all businesses must necessarily have a truly active presence on the popular social media platforms. This is a necessity irrespective of the size or type of business you are having. All businesses right from startups to established big names need to leverage the power of Instagram for fueling their marketing and […]

How to Get More Facebook Traffic by Posting Less?

Depending on the type of content you post on social media, you might have noticed a drop in overall engagement when it comes to Facebook in particular. According to published statistics, 2018 was a rough year for Facebook content, with engagement drops varying in 24% to 52% as the year came to a close. This […]

10 Surprising Stats You Didn’t Know About Content on Social Media

You probably know that video is the most popular type of content there is.  You likely also know that Instagram has become a major game changer when it comes to branded engagement online. These are just two examples of stats that have become common knowledge. What about the statistics that aren’t so well known?  How […]