How Choosing Your Hashtag Can Influence on Your Popularity

Hashtags became an established marketing tool, as both people and brands from all over the world are currently using hashtags to get access to various benefits. It first started in August 2007, when Chris Messina posted the first hashtag on Twitter ( #barcamp, with the purpose of gathering online exchanges and relevant discussions regarding Barcamp, […]

How to Get Your Hashtag Trending

Creating the next trending hashtag is easier said than done. Many of the attempts will never be seen again. It’s an art with a lot more to it than it would seem. If you can nail all of the contributing factors it will massively improve the chances of your hashtag starting to trend. Why Hashtag? […]

4 Successful Startups Which Went Viral with Their Hashtags

The power of hashtags is well known among all marketers. Hashtags aren’t a new trend, but rather a powerful tool that is used on a daily basis by social users for quite some years now. Many well-known brands like Nike (#justdoit), Lay’s (#lifeneedsflavor), or Coca-Cola (#shareacoke) have skyrocketed their brand’s reach using the power of […]

6 Things You Must Know About Posting on Social Media During Weekends

How are you dealing with weekends? As a marketer, entrepreneur, or social media manager, you’re responsible for managing and performing effective campaigns 24/7. “While most companies keep their marketing approach general, there are many others who are specifically improving their weekend campaigns, in order to maximize the impact of their promotion and the quality of […]

Effective Hashtag Marketing Strategies worth Trying

In the current digital environment, hashtags are used all the times in various social media platforms. However, it is of significance that they are used appropriately so that the marketing campaign is targeted in an enhanced manner. If hashtags are used with suitable strategies in place, there are a lot of benefits that can be […]

5 Types of Social Media Contests Your Business Should Consider

Social media contests are a great way to engage the audience and popularize your brand online. On average, brands acquire around 34% of new followers using this digital marketing tactic, which makes it one of the most effective models of lead generation. You also need to know that people, who use hashtag marketing with the […]

Hashtags on Youtube: A Short Guide For Success And Popularity

If you’ve been on social media for any amount of time, then you know just how important hashtags are. They are on practically every social media platform out there, from Facebook to Google+. Now YouTube is joining the party by making them more visible. To be more specific, YouTube, which is owned by Google, has […]

4 Trends To Integrate In Social Media Marketing of Your Business In 2019

Ever since social media channels were used for business marketing, there has been a great importance of all the social networks in the global market. From entrepreneurs and marketers, all pursued social media marketing as one of the most important tools for business promotions. A survey on Statista reveals that social media plays an effective […]

Most Popular Instagram Hashtags Of 2018

Instagram is a popular social media platform that has millions of users. According to Statista, Instagram has more than 1000 million active users, while the daily active users of Instagram are more than 400 million. Apart from its use by common people for photo and video sharing with their friends and family, the platform is […]

How to Boost Your Brand Advocacy Using Social Media Marketing

If you think about boosting your brand or product, the first thing coming to your mind is people awareness. The best way to get people aware of your brand is social media, a modernized form of word of mouth publicity. People use social media daily and every day they spend more time on them. If […]