Social Media Power: Increase Brand Awareness this 2019

We live in a highly digital age. The internet, smartphones, and other technology have completely changed how we interact with one another. As a result, business owners and digital marketers have to come up with effective ways how to target audiences in different social media platforms to stay ahead of the competition. The question is […]

The Use of Hashtags In The Recruitment Process Of 2019

Popular social media websites are buzzing with skilled and motivated individuals who may fit the bill for an open job position. The undeniable influence of social media has given rise to some unique methods for the recruiters to reach out to the right candidates. Selective use of hashtags can add to the efficiency of the […]

How to Create Informative and Promotional Content for Your Business

As a marketer, you’re likely aware that content is one of the most important aspects of your business online. In comparison to paid search, content marketing gets you 3x more leads for every one dollar spent. Good content attracts interested people to your website, and from this point, you can convert them into paying customers. […]

5 Hashtag Strategy Tips to Market to College Students

These days, almost every youth below the age of 30 uses a hashtag to describe his/her everyday activities. #AmPukingInThePool or #MomIsOpeningTheFrontDoor. No kidding! There are blokes who have a knack of conveying their daily routine simply through hashtags. However, you, as an entrepreneur, need to focus on the ones that are trending. There’s no shame […]

Top 4 Social Media Failures Big Brands Made In 2018

Now almost every brand is active on social media and a strong social media presence has become a core business value for all. Interactions and engagements with your audience bring lots of new opportunities for you to run a successful online business through social media. However, as you get famous in front of millions of […]

9 Uses Of Hashtags To Drive The Growth And Success Of Your Business

  If you hadn’t slept through the class while ancient history was being taught, then you don’t need any introduction to the Neanderthals, Mayans or Aztecs. Wondering why I am bringing them up here? Let’s get to that. Our predecessors paved the way for a new wave in communication with the use of symbols. Today, […]

The influence of social media on the structure of an organization

Organizational structure has a close association with an organization’s success and development. An organization can be structured in multiple ways, depending on market conditions, organizational goals, business strategies, management, etc. Irrespective of the type, the structure of an organization will determine the modes in which it performs and operates. With the widespread integration of social media, […]

5 Ways to Nail Copywriting with Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere nowadays. It doesn’t matter which social media platform you use for your daily activity; you will see hashtags everywhere. When you want to find more about a specific topic, which is one of the first search methods you use? Hashtags, of course. When you are a marketer, you know very well that […]

5 Tips for Adding Localization Using Hashtags

Outside the content strategy, hashtags are the next best strategy to make your message visible and let people know about your business. Moreover, whether you have a new business to develop or you just want to strengthen your position on the market, you need localization to reach your target audience. Thanks to localization you are […]

10 Top Tips for Producing Creative Content on Your Social Networks

Social media is just that – it’s social. And while “social” means informal, entertaining, and even inspirational text, today’s content consumer is just not that much “into” reading stuff. He prefers relevant content that employs lots of visuals and other audio-visual media – seeing rather than reading. And, content marketers know this. There are more […]