Hashtag Marketing in Social Media: The History and All Its Secrets

Whenever you click on a hashtag on Facebook, Instagram or any other social network, it’s like you enter a new world. In recent years, we can’t imagine social media without hashtags. Every post gets its identity and place in the social media world through its accompanying hashtags. But how did the movement start? Why do […]

Tips on Choosing Trendy Hashtags for Instagram

Recent statistics show that Instagram has one billion of monthly active users. To communicate effectively with that amount of users and execute Instagram marketing campaigns successfully, it’s essential to learn the language of Instagram – hashtags. A hashtag is a hash symbol (#) with a keyword or a phrase, for example, #business #fashion #sunday. Its […]

Monitoring Content Promotion and Progress on Social Media: 5 Industry Tips

   “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” –  Andrew Davis The quote highlights how things work in content marketing. You got to build relationships and monitor your clients based on their behaviorism closely. Merely creating a brilliant content isn’t really the kind of brilliance one should look for. Rather, content […]

5 Unconventional Hashtag Tactics Marketers Love

Guest Post by Jedda Cain Twenty years earlier, if someone told you that it is possible to get your message across the globe using just a hashtag, you might have found that hard to believe. Well, we have seen what kind of impact #IceBucketChallenge or #BlackLivesMatter had on the society in the past few years. As […]

Innovative Ways to Use Hashtags for Business Promotion

Guest Post by Arif Rashid Using hashtags for your business can bring you many benefits. Read this blog to know how you can use the hashtags in various ways to promote your business. Use Hashtags to Promote Your Brand #tbt, #photooftheday, #instagood, are some of the hashtags that you see every day on social media. But, […]

Instagram Hashtags: adjust your strategy for the change in algorithm

Guest Post by Anthony Bergs Instagram is a growing influence marketing chain with over 850 million active users every month. In such a cut-throat market, it is essential to identify exact tactics to grow your outreach. So why are hashtags so relevant here? These hashtags are your best bet to bring organic visitors. An Instagram user […]

17 Content Marketing Statistics to be Aware of in 2018

Most businesses are who are now aware of content marketing are investing in it. But few of these businesses are actually experiencing benefits that can directly be linked back to their content marketing efforts. This could be because content marketers and business owners aren’t investing their content marketing budget properly. That’s why we have put […]

8 Examples Of Good Social Media Advertising

Guest post by Martha Jameson The most famous marketing efforts come from brands with millions to shell out on expensive ads and campaigns. However, not every business is big and rich enough to finance this. This is why social media became one of the favorite places of marketers looking to improve their techniques. Even some of […]

Hashtag Do’s & Don’ts to Up Your Social Media Marketing Game

Guest Post by Alice Davison If you have been keeping an eye out for news on science and discoveries, then you would know that the earliest form of human drawing known in history came into light just a few days back. Scientists have discovered a drawing on a rock found in a cave in South […]

6 Ways to Get Your Content Trending On Instagram

Guest Post by Elizabeth Mailey Now a day’s business continues to working making their content trending and attractive so that more readers can read your content. There are different ways that business adapt to make their post to go viral, trendy, and highlighted on the bench of posts on different social media accounts. Now a day’s […]