Top Hashtags You Need to Use While Writing a Blog Post

Guest post by Paula Hicks What’s your initial goal for each blog post you write? You’re trying to solve some issues for your target audience, right? Whether or not you’re writing the blog post for promotional purposes, attracting more readers is always your first goal. That means you’re going to promote that blog post on social […]

How to Run Influencer Marketing Campaign

Guest post by Pankaj Narang Leveraging the power of social media to attain target audience for your brand has become the latest norm in the marketing world. Probably, one of the key marketing techniques doing the rounds currently is Influencer Marketing. Much more than just a buzzword, Influencer marketing opens up the door of opportunities […]

Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Hashtag Plan

Guest post by Mary Walton Surprisingly to many marketers and social media entrepreneurs, hashtags have been around for over ten years but have only recently become hugely popular across all the major social media platforms. In short, hashtags exist for two simple reasons. Firstly, so social media users can easily find the content they are […]

10 Great Hashtag Campaigns And What We Can Learn From Them

Guest post by Pankaj Narang The last few years have seen a drastic change in the current digital marketing scene. With the widespread use of hashtags, almost every brand has come up with its unique hashtag and keeps running dedicated campaigns. Even though hashtags were made popular by Twitter, they are now used in almost […]

4 Ways to Improve Brand Discovery and Visibility on Social Media

4 Ways to Improve Brand Discovery and Visibility on Social Media 1

Social media is dense, and getting noticed is hard. Here are a few hacks to maximize your discovery and visibility. Practice these ideas consistently and you will have yourself a formidable social presence. It is important to collaborate with employees, customers and fans. For your message to travel on social media, it has to be […]

Introducing Instagram Hashtag Tracking

Instagram is growing like crazy right now. With 400 million active monthly users, it’s fast becoming the go-to social media platform to share images. Here at Hashtagify, we like to think we keep up with the latest trends. We’re constantly innovating to match what you guys want. When speaking to users, Instagram tracking was a […]

Free Webinar: The Art & Science of Hashtags

  We are partnering with the social specialists at TINT to host a live webinar and teach you some tricks to improve your hashtag marketing! Hashtags can be conquered and this webinar is all about showing you how. Hosted by founder, Dan Mazzini and Jose Gallegos, Community Marketing Lead at TINT, you will get […]

Hashtags To Reach Parents On Social Media

The online realm has made conversation more instant than ever, and as it had all other things, it has also transformed parenting. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of parents who actively use social media agree that they get useful information from their networks, including 32% who “strongly agree”. According to Pew Research Center surveys, “two-in-five parents who […]

How To Get Results Even With Overused Hashtags

On social media, there are thousands of overused hashtags. As we explained in our free guide on using hashtags for marketing, the best ones for you are most likely those which are popular enough but not too popular, and specific to your niche. However, even the most overused tags can be used in creative and […]