George Monbiot on hashtagify

I've had lots of good tips abt how to find #BestHashtags. Top tip is website Thanks to @benmetz — GeorgeMonbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot) August 5, 2011 Thanks for the appreciation!

Top influencers: The new visual exploration tool (beta)

Did you even wonder who the top influencer about the #debt crisis is on Twitter? Is it a Republican? A Democrat? An independent – maybe an official news source? I did, and to answer that question – and countless more about other hashtags – I just published on the first beta version of a […]

Working on hashtags/users data… and a little setback

These days I’ve been working on getting the data needed to show the top tweeters/influencers for an hashtag. For the less used hashtags that’s not easy, but for the more common ones I was already getting some interesting enough data and I was thinking about the possibility to publish a first beta this weekend. Unfortunately, […]

The next feature

The poll we ran about which features I should add first to hashtagify closed today, and the winner is… “Find top tweeters/influencers for an hashtag” (49% of votes). I wanted to thank everybody who voted for the poll, and add that I’ve already started thinking about how to implement this new feature. I’d like to […]

Under construction

This blog will talk about the technology and the developments of I already have a list of posts to write… I just need to find the time. Hopefully, in this century! Stay tuned…