5 Successful and Viral Hashtag Campaigns

When hashtags were first introduced, nobody thought they would become an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. And yet, ten years later hashtags are not just playing a key role in social media marketing, but also assists in successfully running an entire marketing campaign. Today hashtags have given away to brands to engage with […]

How to Boost Website Traffic Through Social Media

An important reason as to why you should make use of social media marketing is for increasing the traffic on your business website. This is something that is not theoretical, but if you are capable of using it correctly, you can be assured that social media is going to become the greatest source of traffic, […]

5 Great Examples of Marketing Localization

Guest Post By Elisa Labbott Every company, which operates globally, should adapt its marketing strategy to the local markets through localization. It’s the only way to engage the target audience effectively and boost regional sales. Marketing localization is an approach to reach people from other cultural backgrounds in their native language while keeping the brand […]

5 Proven Ways to Generate Leads With Social Media

Social media is the second largest referral traffic driver after search. About 25.6% of all website visits come from social media. This makes it one of the best places to get traffic to your website. All major social media platforms have tools that can help you reach your target audience. Not only can you drive […]

How to Unlock Instagram Algorithm

  Have you ever wondered how Instagram chooses what posts to show you in the Explore Page? In this article, we’ll quickly dissect the algorithm behind the Instagram Explore page, as well as three tactics you can put into action right away to get the most out of the Explore Page algorithm. The Explore Page […]

Hashtag Campaigns in the Food Industry

In an era where we spend most of our lives online, it makes a big sense to put our businesses online too. Digital marketing is a very important segment of every business’s marketing. Although traditional marketing also has a place among the marketing strategies of businesses, nothing can quite so easily and immediately reach customers […]

5 Mistakes To Avoid In Hashtag Marketing

Hashtags are a commonly used tool to raise awareness of a topic, a brand or a cause. A hashtag can basically be anything from simple and basic words to phrases that have a deeper meaning. They are mostly used on Twitter or Instagram as these platforms are supportive of hashtags and their algorithms track them […]

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Experience

Guest Post by Daniel Bishop Over the past decade, social networks became an essential part of our everyday life. From their humble beginning as a means of staying in touch with friends, sharing interesting content, and expressing our opinions, social networks evolved into hubs of all our online activity. Businesses rightly saw this as an […]

5 Potential Social Media Negative Effects You Should Monitor

Growth of Social Media Social media is one of the fastest growing aspects in the advanced digital industry empowering us to achieve many benefits. Practically all networks have concentrated a proportion of social networking, enabling users to be the keeper of the contents, shared links, pictures, and self-esteemed stories. People use different techniques to comprehend […]